Sunday, July 21, 2024

Cedric Richmond Says Inflation Wouldn’t Be So Bad If Only We’d Spent $6 Trillion

There’s an ongoing debate, as the Democrat Party sentences itself to oblivion and threatens to carry the rest of America with it, whether the inexplicable things we see these zealots and nincompoops do and say are the product of abject ignorance about how the world works or a pronounced disrespect for their audience.

Are they that stupid, or do they just think we are?

As an example, here is a CNN appearance from Monday by former White House staffer – and prior to that congressman and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus – and current Democrat National Committee official Cedric Richmond. You’ll have to see this to believe it.

Richmond actually tells an incredulous Jake Tapper – and Tapper is a partisan Democrat, so it’s not like he isn’t rooting for Richmond here; he just can’t quite make the leap Richmond is demanding – that if [p]resident Joe Biden’s $6 trillion Build Back Better spending orgy had passed, we’d have inflation licked.

Sounds crazy, yes. But he said it…

In Richmond’s case, as while he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer he also isn’t a certifiable moron like, say, Cori Bush or Hank Johnson, the answer is probably that he’s just this shameless a liar. This isn’t the first time Richmond has gotten himself caught on camera saying things which are patently ridiculous, provable lies. For example…

Insisting that a $6 trillion (at that point it was down to a $3.5 trillion) spending orgy would cost “zero” was such a whopper that nobody would believe it and yet Richmond was willing to go on TV and say it. So you know in his case this isn’t stupidity. It’s just brazen dishonesty.

It’s hard to reconcile this kind of malign deceit with the government and politics of a great nation, much less a superpower. But that’s why it’s all coming to an end for the Democrats in the next couple of election cycles. What we’re making the case for here at RVIVR is that the Republican Party, the beneficiary of the coming collapse of our ruling elite, simply most prepare itself to lead America into a new political era. Whether that seems plausible or not right now isn’t the important thing – there’s nobody else to do it, and so the GOP must.

Don’t allow your elected Republican officials to be submissive simps who cut deals with liars like Cedric Richmond. Insist they fight and win. Because they can, and they must if we’re going to have a future as a country.