Tuesday, July 16, 2024

NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON: The Revivalist Manifesto, by Scott McKay

RVIVR publisher Scott McKay’s first political book The Revivalist Manifesto has now been published. It can be purchased at Amazon here.

The Revivalist Manifesto is $17 in paperback format.

On November 2nd, 2021, an earthquake hit American politics. A massive red wave materialized in Virginia and New Jersey—a pair of reliably Democratic states that had voted in the double digits to make Joe Biden president—and ultimately swept Democrats from power in the state house. Then, voters nearly removed New Jersey governor Phil Murphy, who was previously thought to be impregnable.

What brought on this red wave?

The American people are thirsty for something new in politics. They’ve rejected the establishments of both parties, but aren’t quite sure what the future of the nation should be. The Virginia and New Jersey upsets indicate a great opportunity for a redefined, and newly refined, center-right movement to seize the moment and forge a new American consensus. The Revivalist Manifesto defines that movement, which includes Donald Trump but is larger and longer lasting.

The fight to preserve America has entered a new stage, and the challenges are enormous – but so are the opportunities. What’s needed is a guidebook and an articulation – of reality, of values and of tactics.

Scott McKay, publisher of TheHayride.com and columnist at The American Spectator, provides just that in his masterful new book The Revivalist Manifesto.

Do you feel like America is coming apart? It isn’t. This is still a beacon of freedom for the entire world. But what is coming apart is the current political era – the welfare state, the government-academia complex, the regulatory state, the foreign adventurism.

And a new era is about to begin. The fight is on to dominate this new era.

On the Left, liberals have given way to woke socialists. On the right, the old corporate-driven establishment and its tepid relationship with conservatism has given way to a new breed of American revivalists. Not satisfied with a slow bleed of American culture, values and economic standing, these conservatives are ready to go on offense.

To fight. To win.

The Revivalist Manifesto shows how that can be done.

Praise for The Revivalist Manifesto

“Scott McKay has written an eyes-open manifesto describing how patriotic Americans can retake their country from the race hustlers, climate fanatics, and diversity ideologues who aim to destroy it. Mr. McKay makes no bones about the troubles we are in. The anti-American coalition has taken control of vast areas of American life, including the schools, colleges, journalism, and even many corporations. Yet he is convinced that Americans working together can revive and renew conservative principles, while dislodging the leftists from their cultural redoubts. The Revivalist Manifesto is an important book for many reasons, but most of all because it outlines a path forward in a time of doubt, confusion, and despair.”

–James Piereson, President William E. Simon Foundation

“A compelling trumpet blast for a muscular conservatism with no apologies. Scott McKay’s The Revivalist Manifesto is a no-holds-barred huge helping of history and solid arguments for what a real resistance to the leftist agenda destroying America would look like. The Revivalist Manifesto takes on the RINOs and the apologists for the Left that explains where we are, how we got here, and what we need to do about it.”

–Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Magazine

“Conservatives now have a fantastic blueprint for opposing not only the leftists who work to hobble the people, but also the half-hearted party members who simply serve as allies of the opposition. Scott McKay’s The Revivalist Manifesto establishes solid grounds to get us back, beyond the MAGA path, to improve the lives of every American. Thanks to his handbook we can go ULTRA MAGA.”

–Eric F. Skrmetta, co-Chairman (Louisiana), Donald J Trump for President (2016, 2020).

“Scott McKay has written a treatise on where conservatism has come from, but more importantly, where conservatism should go. His is an optimistic vision that will revitalize America if embraced. Conservative leaders take note!”

–Melissa Mackenzie, Publisher, The American Spectator

“Kudos to Scott McKay for exploring the times in American history where revival has meant survival. McKay articulately makes the case for the revivalism needed now to ensure America remains the greatest country in the world.”

–Jeff Landry, Attorney General, Louisiana