Tuesday, July 16, 2024

School “Equity Director” Calls Parents Opposing Her Woke Agenda “Resistors”

A California school district “equity director” denounced parents who opposed the district’s woke agenda as “resistors.” The “equity director” made the comments at a meeting with a far-left group and the comments were posted online.

From Fox News:

A California director for equity and inclusion director in the Poway Unified School District blasted the parents who disagree with her agenda as “resisters,” according to meeting summary notes obtained by Fox News Digital. 

The meeting was held by JEDI – which stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. According to the group’s chair, Casey Doan, it’s organized by the Palomar Council PTA in the Poway Unified School District. Additionally, on the group’s website, they claim to work directly with the district.  

The meeting notes, which detailed a rare glimpse of the conversations that occur behind closed doors, were found in a private Facebook group called “PUSD Parents 4 JEDI” and were posted by Doan.

“[H]ere are the Meeting Notes (more a summary than precise minutes). I’ll continue to add to these, so this is a living document,” she said. 

During a meeting dated Sept. 13., 2021, the district’s equity director Dr. Shawntanet Jara was asked about her agenda. “What will be your approach to push-back from parents?” 

Dr. Jara said, according to the meeting summary, “Push back is nothing new. It’s loud but few… [L]ook at Org[anization] .Change Theory: 20% resist, 20% wish you’d started 5 years ago, 60% just floating in the middle. I put my attention on the folks who were ready to move. There is a price to pay for that. But so be it. I have to sleep at night and need to what I did was in service of children. My goal/ job is not to change their minds. I’m clear on that and ready to articulate that to resisters. Doesn’t have to be argumentative. It’s just factual. We can disagree and still be ok.”

The people who want to force the woke agenda on your children hate you. Never forget that.

They view any disagreement or even asking questions about their agenda as a threat to them. It is because the woke agenda is not popular but it is to be forced upon children because they know best.

The first priority when Republicans take power should be to defund every “equity” program in government. That includes government schools.