Monday, May 20, 2024

The Real Coup Didn’t Come On January 6

As Democrats, aided by a handful of Vichy GOP collaborators, continue their kangaroo court January 6th hearsay hearings to push the ludicrous narrative that America was only moments away from becoming Argentina, a very real coup against our constitutional government has accelerated.

Back in May, a draft opinion was leaked by a yet to be identified culprit from within the US Supreme Court in the Dobbs v.  Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that indicated that the highest court in the land would soon effectively overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision from 1973 that declared a “right to privacy” trumped existing state and federal abortion laws. 

It has been inferred that by leaking the majority opinion Dobbs draft, that national outrage over the prospect Roe being overturned by the court’s conservative majority would create an environment where the justices would be pressured or intimidated into reconsidering their position.

 Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the authenticity of the circulated internal court document and protests by pro-abortion advocates commenced across the country.

And not just in the public square.

Activists utilizing violent language have swarmed to the homes of the conservative justices before the actual ruling was promulgated, picketing in front their houses and chanting.

As the court is neither the legislative nor executive branch and is supposed to beyond the realm of lobbying as their duty is to the law not a constituency, such activities are decidedly out of order.

But we live in an era of legitimized if not normalized domestic political terror.  

If you don’t believe me, ask Steve Scalise.

The idea that judges could be swayed by threats or harassment is antithetical to the very concept of a judiciary.

Rhetoric by Democratic leading figures such as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez screaming that the court ruling was “illegitimate” matches the very language that former President Donald Trump and his fellow “deniers” have used to describe the 2020 election.

Is AOC denying the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review? 

And how are these irresponsible pronouncements interpreted and acted upon by those impressionable members of society?

Motivated by the leak of the Dobbs ruling, twenty-six year old Nicholas Roske was arrested outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase, Maryland with the intent of murdering the vilified high court jurist. 

What would’ve happened had Roske succeeded in his plot?

Do you really think President Biden would’ve have filled Kavanaugh’s spot with someone of a similar philosophy and age to ensure the spirit of continuity in the face of a politically motivated assassination or would the White House have simply taken advantage of the vacancy to shift the court ideologically to the left?

If so, you would have literally had a coup of sorts by which an act of violence would have led to a political end, something out of John Graham’s best-seller The Pelican Brief

In addition to ensuring that those crossing the line of free speech to intimidation are swiftly arrested and prosecuted, the Biden Administration should emphasize the futility of such actions, that the desired end result will not be realized.

That reassurance would provide a significant degree of protection to our court system from aspiring Hodgkinsons.

The leaker needs to be discovered and severely sanctioned for interfering with the Supreme Court’s duties and engineering an attempt, even if ultimately unsuccessful, to utilize public pressure to reshape an outcome. 

To let the matter side is to ensure such improper leaks continue and ultimately result in words of anger becoming acts of violence. 

When you hear the claptrap of the death of democracy from the Left and the braying media, an attempt to compromise the court via fear represents a de facto coup against a branch of the federal government that is supposed to be above the fray. 

If the Democratic Production that is the January 6th committee is truly interested in investigating the overthrow of American government, they only need to to visit Justice Kavanaugh’s lawn.

They’ll find far more there than in their hearings.