Tuesday, April 23, 2024

What People Care About More Than The January 6th Hearings

The first televised primetime January 6th hearings from the January 6th Committee are set for tonight. Every news channel is carrying them except for Fox News.

Democrats are hoping that the hearings will generate enough outrage at Donald Trump and Republicans that it will help them turn around their chances in November’s Midterms. I don’t think they will be successful and here’s why. The American people have moved on to other issues.

One of those issues is ever higher gas prices. We hit a bad milestone today on that front.

This is not to defend what happened at the U.S. Capitol that day. It was a disgrace and everyone who stormed it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The point is that people are going to care about issues directly impact them. One of those issues is the cost of getting to work and running errands.

But it’s not just the cost of gas by itself. Higher gas prices impact everything else since nearly all trucks are powered by gasoline or (even more expensive) diesel. That is on top of already higher inflation that is crushing American families and which is likely going to get worse.

Joe Biden is likely not the cause of gas prices being so high. After all, presidents usually have nothing to do with gas prices in the short term.

Where Biden has failed is that he has taken actions that make the problem worse. When he first took office, he “temporarily” suspended all oil and gas leases on federal lands. Just last month, he permanently canceled oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. This is an administration that is hostile to domestic oil and gas drilling.

Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn if you can barely afford to fuel your car. After all, high gas prices are a necessary part of his transition to a Green New Deal.

When Biden pretends to care about your pain at the pump and the higher prices you pay for everything, he blames it all on greedy corporations and their price-gouging. Something that no serious person believes.

All of this has combined to give Joe Biden the lowest approval ratings at this point in their term in modern presidential history.

But Democrats have a new message if the January 6 hearings won’t do it. If you care about inflation, you’re a Nazi. That was floated by failed Texas Lt. Governor candidate Matthew Dowd today.

Forget the historical inaccuracy of Dowd’s post (Hitler rose to power in the wake of the Great Depression, not post-WWI hyperinflation) for just a second. It comes off as just as elitist as when other Democrats talk about how they’re not paying high gas prices because they’re driving $50,000+ electric cars, which the average American can’t afford.

Tonight’s January 6th hearings won’t save Democrats from the beatdown they’re going to get in November. That’s because the American people are focused on their current pain, which Democrats are not addressing, and not on events from last year.