Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Who Exactly is Dan Crenshaw?

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw has had a rough go of it in 2022. The latest news involves a confrontation with an angry group of citizens not happy about the Republican Crenshaw’s representation of We the People.

A cursory understanding of him had me liking Crenshaw when I started to follow his career, but a photo depicting him as one of Klaus Schwab’s Forum of Global World Leaders made me take pause–especially when I saw some of the other names from the 2004 forum, particularly one Mark Zuckerburg (DARPA cancelled the US military’s LifeLog project on the same day that the Zuck launched Facebook on the World Wide Web: February 4th, 2004).

I say this about Facebook because we know what the social media site was to the American patriot in 2020–a Big Brother, fact-checking, censorship machine that, I believe, will soon meet the same fate as Twitter. So, that pivotal year 2020 is when I first saw that Crenshaw was affiliated with one of the most notorious globalists in our world, World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab, who is into, you know, meaningless, conspiracy theory-type things like world domination and depopulation. Nothing too serious to discuss in the mainstream. Read this article if you want to know about Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

See, if you are a Republican lawmaker from Texas, these are the types of things and individuals you don’t want to be even remotely affiliated with. And even if many Americans don’t know about things like LifeLog and the workings of the WEF (you do now), they certainly are seeing enough in the mainstream media to turn a more discerning eye to Crenshaw.

Over the weekend at the GOP convention in Texas, Crenshaw was, shall we say, verbally confronted by protesters fed up with the DC swamp. From the NY Post:

The Texas Republican was berated as “Eyepatch McCain” and “a globalist RINO [Republican in name only]” by conspiracy theorist podcast host Alex Stein, who jostled with members of Crenshaw’s entourage at a Houston convention center, footage posted by Stein and others showed.

As other people followed the group and shouted things like “You sold us out” and “You’re a traitor,” Stein was involved in a skirmish with Crenshaw’s team. A man in a tan suit was pushed against a wall during the incident and stumbled backwards.

“You’re giving Ukraine all this money, and red flag laws too, Dan?,” a Twitter user named Alex Rosen asked the 38-year-old congressman as he was ushered through a lobby by a uniformed officer while walking with several other people, footage showed.

As the confrontation continued, the content creator called Crenshaw a “fraud” and a “World Economic Forum sell-out.”

“Klaus Schwab is literally your daddy,” the heckler said, referencing the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

As an aside, here is a tweet from Stein working to exonerate himself from the rash of headlines put out there by the mainstream media:

The verbal assault on Crenshaw was obviously colorful and creative. It pretty much covered everything American patriots are starting to realize about his kind in DC.

The “Eyepatch McCain” quip stirs up the history of old guard RINO John McCain and his shady international dealings. Last month, Fox News host Tucker Carlson called Crenshaw this while criticizing him over his support of billions more in funding for Ukraine.

The mainstream media, including this Fox News segment, were pushing lies to the American public just to get this money pushed, or laundered, through Ukraine. You can compare what Crenshaw says in this giddy little segment with Trey Gowdy with the following two pieces from The Hayride earlier this month and more commentary as this current article winds down.

Let’s Talk Ukraine and Some Sweet Little Lies

Let’s Talk Ukraine and Billions of Dirty Bucks

The rabbit hole continues. Crenshaw, of course a representative of Texas, missed the recent NRA convention in Houston. Take a guess where he was….

From Fox News:

Crenshaw and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., became the first American lawmakers to visit the U.S. embassy on Tuesday in Kyiv since it reopened last week after shuttering its doors shortly before Russia invaded.

The two congressmen are scheduled to meet with the mayors of various towns that have been hit during the war, as well as with the Ukrainian ministers of defense, interior and foreign affairs.

Crenshaw being in Ukraine could be circumstantial, as all of this could be, of course. But as American patriots waking up to how deep the DC swamp goes, we must take these facts into account as we connect dots and form judgments as to whom to vote for. A person like Crenshaw can’t just be the cool ex-soldier who got his eye blow up in Afghanistan and now has to wear an eye-patch as an accessory to his three-piece suit. It has to go deeper than that.

President Donald Trump spoke about good and evil at the NRA convention, saying he would never disappoint the crowd as some Texas leaders had. Are we in fact dealing with a good vs. evil scenario with Dan Crenshaw?

According to this report from Newsmax, that $40 billion is (not) shockingly not everything Congress presented it to be and hasn’t even reached the Ukrainian battlefield. So we just have billions of US tax dollars largely unaccounted for while Americans have once again already forgotten it has happened.

Here is a two-part analysis of Ukraine, the Biden crime syndicate, and biolabs there. These are the same biolabs confirmed by the US Department of Defense this month, the same biolabs the mainstream media and Dan Crenshaws of the world vehemently denied and called people who talked about them Putin apologists and conspiracy theorists. Again, we invite you to read it all and consider the collection of data for yourself. Crenshaw’s talking points in March aren’t exactly aging well.

So, are we dealing with a young up-and-coming new Republican who will help to revive the GOP, or do we have just another old guard RINO disguised behind a more youthful, rugged face?

Why exactly was Crenshaw in Ukraine? Why does he defend it so passionately when so much evidence to the contrary exists?

Who is Dan Crenshaw? It is up to all of us to decide, and that is the beauty of the Constitution and the nation we are fighting to take back. That is the beauty of your vote. As an American revivalist fighting the war of wars against the globalists, it will bolster our cause if we continue to turn off the villains of television and social media and increase our growing awareness of exactly who our government leaders are. This is the war we must fight, and attention to detail is one weapon we must include in our arsenal.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.