Sunday, February 25, 2024

Who’s Really Conspiring To Riot In America?

Saturday’s papers were ablaze with reports that “dozens” of “white supremacists” / “white nationalists” were arrested and charged with “conspiracy to riot” before they could disrupt a planned public Gay Pride event in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.  Articles were accompanied by photos showing the 31 young men, all wearing khakis and blue shirts and many with white face coverings and arm sleeves, kneeling on the ground with hands zip-tied behind their backs.  By Sunday, legacy news outlets across the nation followed up their initial reporting by releasing the names and home towns of the arrestees, effectively “doxxing” them.

The news articles are uniformly replete with words and phrases and innuendo that we’re conditioned to assume are terrible – “conspiracy to riot,” “ties to white nationalist group,” “white supremacists,” “avowed fascists,” “right-wing group.”

Very scary, right? 

But neither Saturday nor Sunday’s reporting made any mention of weapons, or firebombs, or fireworks, or bats or batons or frozen water bottles or bricks or weapons of any of the sort we saw in the riots of 2020.  By Sunday, we knew only that several arrestees had handmade “riot shields”, several wore shin guards, and one carried a single smoke canister.  There’s a rational argument this group sought to do more than “peacefully protest,” and that their plan was to “disrupt” the event, but there’s simply no evidence that they planned any violence (only that they might have to protect themselves against violence) or destruction of property.

And while there’s plenty of reporting about the group having ties to “The Patriot Front,” what’s absent in that reporting is any evidence that Patriot Front or its members have ever committed any acts of violence.  Could such a stunning omission take place if they had?  Of course not.  No doubt journalists were scouring every source to find any negatives they could spin into their stories. 

Strangely, while we see the cities of this country rife with crime, shootings, murder, robbery, theft, carjacking, gang activity, and increasing lawlessness, almost none of those stories are traceable to “white nationalists.”  So why do we so often see media and political references to “white nationalism” being the “greatest threat” to our country (moreso than terrorism)?  If the “danger” of these “nationalists” isn’t that they’re out committing the crimes we see daily, is it because they openly oppose an increasingly autocratic and leftist government and believe they have the right to protect themselves from it?  Perhaps it’s a fair argument – that if someone or some group were looking to establish a totalitarian, communist or socialist government in the United States the greatest “threats” to such a person or organization would, in fact, be the US Constitution, especially its Second Amendment, and a citizenry openly willing to fight for their rights.

So, back to Coeur D’Alene – the reality is that 31 unarmed white men planning to protest what they presumably view as an unhealthy and immoral lifestyle (or at least protest the public championing of such a lifestyle) were arrested before they ever engaged in any protest activity at all.  Then they were publicly doxxed and smeared both by the sheriff’s department and mass media, again with no evidence of any planned violence or destruction. 

This is a big problem.  This nation saw two years of violent riots causing dozens of deaths, thousands of hospitalizations, police officers routinely assaulted, buildings and police cruisers routinely set on fire, billions of dollars of damage to public and private property, and untold loss of business, income and livelihood.  All committed by Antifa and “Black Lives Matter.”  Only a handful of arrests were made, and we never once saw an arrest for “conspiracy to riot.”  We never saw the rioters names and homes published by the legacy media.  We saw there was near-complete impunity. The riots and violence were openly defended, and even encouraged by democrats and leftist celebrities, news outlets and pundits en masse.  The eventual Vice President paid bail for some of the rioters who were arrested. And while Antifa and Black Lives Matter both have verifiable histories of violence and criminal activity we’ve never seen them labeled or characterized by legacy media with the same negativity and ire reserved for “white nationalist” protesters. 

This disparity is so obvious, so stunning, so dishonest, and so unfair IT’S THE VERY THING that fuels so-called “white nationalist” sentiments the most.  Conservatives and traditionalist Americans have become targeted by their own government and a deeply left-biased media apparatus that teeters toward state propaganda.

This is a dangerous trend.  One that must be called out, and must end.