Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Wednesday Afternoon: The Revivalist Manifesto With Seth Leibsohn

This was one of the highlights of the book promotion tour I’ve been on, as Seth Leibsohn, who hosts an afternoon drive time radio show in Phoenix which is really great, had me on his show Wednesday.

Seth is reading the book, and he gets it. His questions reflect that.

What brought this on was an excerpt of the book, taken from Chapter 2 in which it talks about the core thesis – which is that we’re seeing the end of the third era of American political history and the fourth is about to begin, which appeared at The American Spectator Wednesday morning. That excerpt went a little bit viral after RealClear Politics put it atop its Wednesday morning list of links, and I ended up getting a bunch of calls about going on some radio shows to discuss it.

Including Seth’s show.

This audio clip goes about 15 minutes, and I thought it was pretty good and worth sharing…