Friday, May 24, 2024

Historical Revision: “Wokeism” at the National WW2 Museum

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past”1984

The previous quote sums up the modern Left’s ahistorical revision of American history. In classrooms across the nation, elementary students are taught that the Founding Fathers were “evil white men” and that America is a uniquely wicked country in world history.

Just look to the 1619 Project and Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Those two texts have gravely damaged our nation through their widespread use and influence on the American education system.

Unfortunately, this type of historical revisionism by Marxist, anti-American historians and educators is not bound only to the classroom. In fact, this Leftist spin on American history has conquered some History museums—including the National World War 2 Museum in New Orleans.

On June 1st, I was driving over the Crescent City Connection (CCC) bridge in New Orleans. As I was driving home, I noticed something strange at the National World War 2 Museum in New Orleans. To my disgust, the Museum’s “Canopy of Peace”—a visible part of the city skyline—was clearly lit up with the Pride Flag colors for Gay Pride Month. A few weeks later in June, I found myself on driving over the CCC bridge. Again, the WW2 Museum’s Canopy was bathed in the Rainbow colors.

Now, I was not able to take a picture of this event—nor could I find any photographic evidence on the Internet—so, you’ll have to take my word here.

Nevertheless, I decided to do my own digging to see if the National WW2 Museum has bought into the American Regime’s Leftist propaganda—a.k.a. “wokeism.”

The results are in. The sad truth is that the National World War 2 Museum (in New Orleans) perpetuates LGBT, feminist, and CRT (i.e. Critical Race Theory/Anti-White) propaganda.

What evidence do I have? Well, let’s look at some events and online articles that the National World WW2 Museum has listed on its website.

In the past few years, the National WW2 Museum has published online articles about drag shows  in WW2 and the gay rights movement in 1930s Europe. Similarly, the WW2 Museum has hosted some “woke” events about feminism and gay military members.

Finally, you can also find more “woke” social media posts from the National WW2 Museum. The Museum made a post about Juneteenth on Twitter, and the Victory Belles—the WW2 Museum’s female chorale group—made an Instagram post celebrating Pride Month.

Now, let’s take a step back in think about America in the 1940s. Do you think that our nation’s finest men stormed the beaches of Normandy to protect gay marriage and Drag Queen Story Hour? Do you think that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died so that doctors could give children puberty blockers?

The answer: No!

No, Mr. David French and others: Drag Queen Story Hour is not a “blessing of liberty”.

The World War 2 generation did not sacrifice their time, effort, and lives so that their great-grandchildren could watch grown men in dresses dance provocatively at a Drag show.

I can already hear the entire WW2 generation rolling over in their graves by the fact that the National WW2 Museum is starting to frame WW2 in this ahistorical, liberal frame. Certainly, the National WW2 Museum has sullied the legacy of the WW2 generation through its “woke activism.”

For clarity, I want to make remind everyone that I am not celebrating the demise of the National WW2 Museum. In fact, I have visited this wonderful place several times, and the museum has long been one of my favorite activities in New Orleans.

My purpose for this article is to shed light on the modern Left’s takeover of nearly all Institutions in American society—including the National WW2 Museum.

As Revivalists, we need to hold our institutions accountable for peddling the narratives of the American Regime (a.k.a. the Globalist American Empire—or “GAE” for short).  We are not here to preserve a status-quo that hates traditional America, Christianity, and conservatives. We are to revive from the ashes the Traditional American society—instead of clamoring for an earlier stage of Degenerative Liberalism.

If the National WW2 Museum is still willing to do the bidding of the American regime, then this museum is not on our side.

“Wokeism” has deeply infected much of what we love in American society—from Church to education and Pro sports to Entertainment. And, sadly, to our historical landmarks and museums.