Thursday, July 18, 2024

How Much Is Joe Biden Costing You This July 4th?

Remember last Independence Day when the White House bragged that they saved you a whopping 16 cents at your cookout?

You could’ve done a lot with that 16 cents like um……I’ve got nothing. Honestly, it was not all that believable last year.

This year, the White House has been strangely silent about the cost of your cookout. It’s probably because they can’t spin the fact that your cookout will cost a lot more than it did last year.

In fact, your cookout using the items the White House cited in last year’s tweet will cost $10.16 more. The White House was roasted by just about every right-of-center communications shop on Twitter but Americans For Prosperity’s tweet stood out.

You’re paying a lot more to feed your family and to get to work and the Biden administration doesn’t care. Their focus is on keeping abortion legal to the moment of birth and shipping money to Ukraine. Basically, they want you to stop being poor and quit bothering them with things like this.

The high cost of your cookout comes in the wake of some bad economic news for Brandon and his buddies. The GDP Now model is maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. As the model’s name implies it is a measure of the GDP as it stands now. That model shows second-quarter GDP shrinking by 2.1%.

Last quarter, GDP declined 1.6%. Normally when there is back to back quarters of economic decline there is a recession. Obviously, that would not be good news for Brandon and the Democrats, let alone the American people.

Everything Brandon touches turns to crap. Your cookout and the overall economy is no exception. It’s time for new economic leadership and generally new leadership in general. Leadership that is more interested in expanding American prosperity instead of expanding the federal government.