Sunday, July 21, 2024

It’s Mitt Romney Who’s In Denial

To celebrate the 4th of July, Utah Senator and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney penned an opinion piece for the left-of-center Atlantic entitled America is in Denial.

As one might expect for an opinion piece in that publication, Romney touches on some of the favorite boogie men of the Left.

We’re running out of water.

The polar ice caps are melting and record temperatures “make the evening news.”

Romney also throws in a couple of other threats, namely inflation, government spending and our nation’s unsecure southern border to balance things out.

These are the “cataclysmic” threats Romney says Americans are in denial about.

Oh, and then he throws in the “constitutional crisis” of January 6, which no doubt is the real reason he wrote the column in the first place.

But even more significant is what Mitt Romney did NOT list among the cataclysmic threats we face. Nowhere in the entire article will you find the word “CHINA.”

How can any responsible US Senator can create a list of cataclysmic threats that the American people should be concerned about and completely ignore the economic, political and military threat to the entire Free World posed by Communist China?

The entire world is reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic originating from China as more and more evidence piles up that the virus came from the Chinese government’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. For crying out loud, even the head of the World Health Organization admitted recently that he thinks COVID came from the Chinese lab.

Not only did the virus likely come from the lab, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lied about the nature of the virus from the start, covered up its lies and has refused to cooperate with international organizations investigating the virus.

Are we as Americans supposed to just forget and dismiss all this? Evidently Mitt Romney thinks so.

Then there is China’s economic stranglehold on key parts of our economy thanks to myopic business interests that sent manufacturing there to take advantage of communist labor rates. The overwhelming majority of America’s pharmaceuticals are now manufactured in China and, early on in the pandemic, the Chinese regime threatened to cut off the flow of those drugs. Mitt Romney wants you to forget about that too.

Speaking of drugs, there is one drug that the Chinese aren’t threatening to cut off and that’s fentanyl, which is now the number one cause of death in the US of adults 18-47 years of age. The overwhelming majority of bootleg fentanyl comes from Chinese labs and transits the same southern border that Romney refers to in his column, all the while carefully avoiding any mention of the deadly Chinese fentanyl that is one of the biggest issues related to the open border.

China has also moved to control the global supply of rare earth strategic minerals and a few weeks ago declared that US efforts to develop alternative sources could “spark World War III.”

Finally, we have the huge Chinese military build-up and modernization, complete with four huge aircraft carriers in service or building, flagships of what is now, by far, the world’s largest navy. Add to that stealth fighters and anti-ship ballistic missiles designed to strike US carrier battle groups. China doesn’t need these weapons to oppress Tibet or stamp out liberty in what’s left of Hong Kong. China’s military is aimed squarely at us, though from Mitt Romney’s Atlantic piece you’d never know it.

Because Mitt Romney is in denial.

He calls Joe Biden, whose son Hunter has enriched the family fortune to the tune of millions of dollars through business dealings with China—dealings clearly known to Joe Biden, “a genuinely good man.” He then frets that Biden has been “unable to break through our national malady of denial, deceit and distrust.”

Is it really any wonder? Joe Biden’s entire political career, dating back to law school, has been based on repeated verifiable lies and plagiarism.

Save us the sanctimony, Romney.