Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Democrats are Unreservedly the Party of the Seven Deadly Sins

One thing which has become more and more clear in watching not just the Biden administration but the Democrat-led Congress, and furthermore watching the Democrats’ political activists respond to current events, is how openly hostile to Biblical – meaning Judeo-Christian – morality they’ve become.

It used to be true that Democrats espoused the traditional morality, though in ways which were arguable at best at times. But that’s no longer the case. In respect to each of the seven deadly sins warned against in Scripture, the American Left which now controls the Democrat Party has not just given up the fight but actively gone over to evil.

To wit, here are the seven deadly sins in bold – with descriptions of each courtesy of an excellent 2017 article at by Catholic expert Scott Richert…

Pride: a sense of one’s self-worth that is out of proportion to reality. Pride is normally counted as the first of the deadly sins, because it can and often does lead to the commission of other sins in order to feed one’s pride. Taken to the extreme, pride even results in rebellion against God, through the belief that one owes all that he has accomplished to his own efforts and not at all to God’s grace. Lucifer’s fall from Heaven was the result of his pride; and Adam and Eve committed their sin in the Garden of Eden after Lucifer appealed to their pride.

We now have an entire month dedicated to this sin, and particularly to manifesting pride in support of a collection of lifestyle choices the Bible speaks poorly of. But setting aside the optics of queer triumphalism as expressed in the Democrats’ cultural and political agenda, everything about the party and its messaging reflects an overinflated narcissism and self-worth. From AOC on the East Coast to Gavin Newsom on the West, Democrat politicians betray a stark, breathtaking lack of humility.

Covetousness: the strong desire for possessions, especially for possessions that belong to another, as in the Ninth Commandment (“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife”) and the Tenth Commandment (“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods”). While greed and avarice are sometime used as synonyms, they both normally refer to an overwhelming desire for things that one could legitimately possess.

Similarly, Democrats have elevated covetousness into a virtue, so much so that the claim on the property of others is the core of Democrat Party economics. Barack Obama was perhaps the most prominent messenger of this new reality when he set loose “You didn’t build that” on the world. But redistributive tax and welfare policies from the New Deal to today have institutionalized covetousness as a key component of the party’s politics.

Lust: a desire for sexual pleasure that is out of proportion to the good of sexual union or is directed at someone with whom one has no right to sexual union—that is, someone other than one’s spouse. It is possible even to have lust toward one’s spouse if one’s desire for him or her is selfish rather than aimed at the deepening of the marital union.

One of the worst developments in modern American history is the extreme turn the “sexual revolution” took in the 1960’s which replaced the traditional Judeo-Christian sexual morality with not just something a bit less stodgy than our former Ozzie & Harriet reality, but in fact an entirely new understanding of sex. The American cultural Left, which owns the Democrat Party lock, stock and barrel, having displaced the working class and the unions as the driving force within the party, has mounted a nonstop campaign to redefine sex as no longer the vehicle for procreation but the primary means of American entertainment.

The Democrats have gone so far down the rabbit-hole of lust that they’re corrupting an entire generation of school kids by teaching the virtues of non-procreative sexual practices and orientations. The effect? Our culture is absolutely awash in sex while our national birthrate is plunging into dangerous territory. Meanwhile, an entire political movement “shouts its abortion!” while non-Democrats cringe in horror.

Anger: the excessive desire to take revenge. While there is such a thing as “righteous anger,” that refers to a proper response to injustice or wrongdoing. Anger as one of the deadly sins may begin with a legitimate grievance, but it escalates until it is out of proportion to the wrong done.

The recriminations and nonstop demands for retribution on the Left, some of which has indeed begun to filter over onto the Right, particularly following the irregularities of the 2020 election, are becoming the defining characteristics of the Democrats. A normal political party in late July 2022 would not be continuing a public witch hunt into the First Amendment-protected political activities of its opposition in early January of 2021, and yet that is the defining activity of the Democrat-led Congress amid runaway inflation, a shrinking economy, energy shortages, foreign policy disasters, a catastrophic situation on our southern border and a broken supply chain.

And with every political setback Democrats become more unhinged and nasty – harassing Supreme Court justices at restaurants, plotting assassinations, fomenting cancel culture. It has spun badly out of control and no one in the party will step forward as a voice of reason.

Gluttony: excessive desire, not for food and drink, but for the pleasure obtained by eating and drinking. While gluttony is most often associated with overeating, drunkenness is also a consequence of gluttony.

Gluttony has become an American vice, not just a Democrat one. But it is telling that the cultural Left is embracing it as a virtue. You are now at threat of being called a “fat-shamer” if you voice a preference for healthy and fit fellow humans, as Jordan Peterson recently found out when he criticized Sports Illustrated for featuring a morbidly obese woman in its swimsuit issue.

And it’s telling that throughout the COVID panic, when it was well known that one of the most important comorbidities leading to adverse effects in those contracting the virus was obesity, that no Democrats in cultural or political leadership even once offered incentives for physical fitness as a mitigator of the disease or the government spending necessary to fight it (as well as many other widespread medical conditions obesity leads to). It’s fair to say Republicans are little better, but the pattern – standing athwart virtue, yelling “Stop!” – rests firmly on the Democrat side as our people become fatter and softer through excessive consumption.

Envy: sadness at the good fortune of another, whether in possessions, success, virtues, or talents. The sadness arises from the sense that the other person does not deserve the good fortune, but you do; and especially because of a sense that the other person’s good fortune has somehow deprived you of similar good fortune.

Envy is the single word which best encapsulates the “woke” movement, particularly on its extremes where it racializes productive habits like hard work, industry and initiative as “whiteness” and teaches black and brown people they aren’t allowed to participate in the bounty of America because of their race. Virtually every policy pushed by the modern Democrat Party is founded in envy, which is the opposite of self-reliance and accountability. They’ve turned politics into a zero-sum game aimed at taking from those who have created wealth, opportunity and innovation.

Sloth: a laziness or sluggishness when facing the effort necessary to perform a task. Sloth is sinful when one lets a necessary task go undone (or when one does it badly) because one is unwilling to make the necessary effort.

The commitment to sloth on the part of the Democrat Party is best seen by viewing the jurisdictions its politicians control. When the potholes aren’t filled, the criminals aren’t caught, the schoolchildren aren’t educated and the basic functions of government go neglected, sloth is the culprit.

The inability to do the most basic things has metastasized, in fact, into a Democrat party virtue by way of what we call Weaponized Governmental Failure. Democrats in charge of our cities have recognized that deliberately failing to conduct the most fundamental operations of government tends to drive away the middle-class voters least likely to support their re-election, and what’s left when they’ve decamped for the suburbs is a vast swath of poor people whose horizons are too narrow to demand excellence and a small crust of rich who pay a la carte for quality social services – private security in their gated neighborhoods, private schools for the kids, private phone calls to local pols for special treatment on potholes, garbage removal and so forth.

They’ve made a virtue of sloth and reaped a substantial reward from it. They’re nothing if not creative.

To brand the Democrats as the party of the seven deadly sins is not to excuse Republicans from their participation in them. But there’s a difference: when Republicans are soft on sin or are sinners themselves it’s usually because they’re bad at their jobs. But Democrats who marinate in the above are upholding the best current practices of their party, which in each case has learned to leverage biblical sins and vices into political opportunities.

A party so dedicated to decadence must decay itself, and they are. Once that decay is complete, which could well be the case over the next handful of electoral cycles, the American revival might just begin.