Friday, May 24, 2024

This Twitter Feed Will Open Conservatives’ Eyes

As seen on Twitter, an unidentified mother gazes into her webcam and informs her audience that her four-year-old son “is exploring his gender.” 

“Sometimes he’s a boy and sometimes he’s a girl,” the mother said, adding she recently took her son shopping for dresses.

“We encourage that, especially if you don’t feel that you are in the body that you are supposed to be in. I think that this is beautiful. It’s interesting to watch this person learn and grow and be their own person.”

In another video, an elementary school teacher who moonlights as a drag queen showcases his classroom, which he’s covered with LGBTQ décor and, by his words, converted into a gay nightclub. 

Another online personality posted a video where she talks about the forest in her head…populated with dogs and demons.

One might assume these people are among a Potpourri of circus clowns, carnie freaks, or fugitives who broke free from the funny farm. 

But no. 

Welcome to the decline of western civilization.  

Welcome to the Twitter feed known as Libs of TikTok.

Here, you will find public-school teachers who confess to a litany of sins they inflict upon children that they would never dare reveal to parents. Here you will find overeducated parents who perceive gender as a manmade construct. Here you will find early childhood educators who stress why it’s supposedly so crucial to teach preschoolers about gender and sexuality. Here you will find footage of a drag queen, in costume, promoting his lifestyle at an Episcopalian school in New York City.

Are you awake yet? Do you feel the need to regurgitate your last meal?

Imagine how the anonymous woman behind this Twitter feed must feel. By showcasing what progressives are already posting to social media, she’s made the left, especially the media, uneasy.

The Washington Post, specifically tech columnist Taylor Lorenz, recently doxed the Libs of TikTok creator. And, as reported by FOX News, this creator, who is female, has received threats. 

The woman told FOX News that she expects retaliation, and she also expects Twitter might ban her. As an insurance policy, she’s established a presence on Substack, which is an email newsletter platform. Writers there do not rely on editors or ad sales and generally do not fear censorship.

Right now, the Libs of TikTok Twitter feed has about 1.3 million followers.

Every conservative and, without question, every parent of every school-aged child in America must bookmark the Libs of TikTok Twitter feed — today. And visit it as a part of their daily routine.