Sunday, August 07, 2022

Trump’s Get-Well-Soon Message To Biden Is DARPA-Grade Trolling

UPDATE: It turns out this was a hoax, though honestly it might have been the best one yet. Clay Travis was taken in by it, and we were as well.

Yes, Joe Biden has COVID. That news broke yesterday, as America scratched its collective head over Biden’s statement earlier in the week that “I and so damn many others” had cancer – apparently, in Biden’s slurry gibberish, as a consequence of pollution from oil refineries.

What Biden really has is irony poisoning, given his eschewing of a political campaign in 2020 (it turns out ballot-harvesting seems to be more effective than the political process in winning elections modern Democrat-style) with fear of COVID as a pretext. And with his presidency largely constituting of one assault on individual liberty after another with COVID alarmism as one of the key justifications offered, it’s excusable that many Americans would struggle to have much sympathy.

But the man who was turned out of the White House in that irregular 2020 election during which Biden refused to mount a real campaign, and who since has been targeted with post-presidential impeachments and kangaroo show trials in Congress, would be especially unsympathetic, you’d imagine.

And that’s true. Donald Trump put out a statement on Biden’s contraction of COVID yesterday which was, well…

What’s fair is to say this isn’t presidential, and it’s a little bit cringe-inducing. On the other hand, it’s been a really long time since we’ve even had an example to look at of what “presidential” is. Certainly we don’t get it from Biden, and Trump’s demeanor in office didn’t meet the standard of his policymaking (when he was allowed to do it by his enemies in the Deep State and Congress).

And let’s face it, Biden deserves it. Make yourself a national laughingstock, and people will rightly laugh at you.