Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tucker Carlson’s Incandescently Revivalist Iowa Speech

I saw this on Monday and it’s been rattling around in my head ever since. I had to do a post on it, because it’s one of the best things I’ve seen all year. It’s Tucker Carlson appearing at an event in Des Moines – specifically, the Family Leader Summit – and giving a speech which touches on a whole lot of not just the tenets of revivalist conservatism but the problem faced by conservative voters when the Left runs so far to the fringe that there is no commonality of values left.

I’d embed the whole speech into this post, but the Vimeo settings won’t permit it. You can see the speech and the Q&A which follows at Carlson’s website here.

Carlson talks about how difficult it is for Republican voters, of which he counts himself one, to hold the party accountable. And as his audience is made up of Christian conservatives, he especially empathizes with their problem – because the party’s establishment has long treated them with disdain. And there is no place for them to go, because the Democrats don’t just have disdain for Christian conservatives; they actively hate and seek to make war on them.

But Carlson says voters still have power, and if they’re willing to send a loud enough message consistently and clearly enough the politicians will listen.

He says there are three things conservative voters absolutely must demand from the GOP.

The first is that Republican politicians focus on things which are actually important and not simply trending on Twitter. Carlson uses as a perfect example the ridiculous statement by Mitch McConnell several months ago that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the crucial issue in the world.

Carlson says the availability and production of fossil fuels at an affordable price absolutely dwarfs Putin and Ukraine as the most important thing in the world. He says any politician who can look into a camera and spout such inanities is disqualified. And he says the failure to meet people’s real concerns rather than climate change and transgender activism (or the willingness, for example, of 47 Republicans to join Nancy Pelosi, “Rachel” Levine and the Democrats’ ruling-elite leftists to pass a House bill codifying the horrendous Obergefell decision at the Supreme Court, which happened Tuesday), is disqualifying.

Then he launches into an excellent discussion of the corporate trend of subsidizing abortions for female employees, noting that it’s morally reprehensible that Corporate America is actively discouraging the formation and growth of families and the Republican Party is derelict in not calling it out for the soulless disgrace it is. He says the GOP has got to organize itself around the goal of strengthening the nuclear family and returning American society to health and growth.

Carlson’s second point is one which you won’t see made often, but it’s excellent…

“Beauty” might not quite be the perfect word here. Order and harmony and liberty could be better. But what Carlson is saying is that the natural order of things is real, palpable, visible and worth pursuing. And he’s correct that our society is too far removed from it, and we’re paying the price for that in unhappiness. A return to truth and beauty as the basis for public policy and leadership is what’s needed.

His takedown of the environmentalist movement as a fraud is one of the best I’ve seen.

And then there is this, which if you watch nothing else you should at least see…

This is one of the most important requirements Republican voters must impose on the party’s politicians, especially given the terrible betrayal of those 47 House Republicans on the Destruction of Marriage Act Tuesday. The GOP treats its voters abysmally and has for years and years, selling us out in a vain effort to get good notices in the partisan Democrat media.

And Carlson’s pummeling of Nikki Haley, by name, and Kristi Noem and Asa Hutchinson, by implication, was needed. Because one requirement revivalist voters have to establish is that our politicians have to be willing at all times to stand their ground against the buzzing of the Democrat-media bees.

Everything in that speech is incandescently revivalist. It doesn’t encapsulate everything our movement holds, but it packs a whole lot of it into 42 minutes. Please watch it when you have time.