Thursday, February 22, 2024

Another Witch Hunt: FBI Raid on Trump Home is Unprecedented and Unjustified

A law enforcement action like this against a former president has never occurred before.  It will be construed by millions of Americans as Pres. Biden’s desperate deployment of the power of the federal government to damage his likely 2024 opponent who now leads him in national election polls.

This past Monday, the FBI, in an unannounced raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, broke dangerous new ground in the increasing politicization of our government institutions.  Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has stated that he personally approved the raid that reportedly included 30 agents—including SWAT teams—in 20 government vehicles swarming Mar-a-Lago in the Palm Beach darkness.  

As such, he, and Biden—who certainly had prior knowledge of the raid—will squarely bear the cost of this dangerous political gambit. 

Let’s look at the larger issue here. 

The FBI asserts the raid is related to the alleged mishandling by President Trump of classified documents and/or violations of a federal statute entitled the Presidential Records Act.  However, these types of document disputes between a former president and the feds have occurred before and are virtually always worked out amicably with the former president’s lawyers meeting with federal agency lawyers and agreeing on how to resolve the issue.  At most, a subpoena for such documents could be employed.  

But never this.

You know what really highlights the great partisan dishonesty here? The galactic double standard with respect to Hillary Clinton’s mishandling and destruction of classified information before her 2016 campaign for president: Her wiping of her server and the destruction of her blackberries with hammers. 

Yet, she was never prosecuted. 

What about the deliberate effort by the FBI to aid Joe Biden by suppressing the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell”—deeming it “foreign disinformation”—even though we later learned that the FBI had been in possession of the laptop for about a year and knew it was credible.

Since the 2020 election, polls have concluded that had the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop not been suppressed, 16 percent of voters who were unaware of the laptop scandal would not have voted for Biden.  This impact was far more than enough to steal the election for Biden in an election where the difference was 44,000 votes in three key swing states.  (This, of course, is aside from the direct election fraud proven by the 2000 Mules documentary).

The laptop makes clear that the Biden Crime Family, including ‘the Big Guy,’ benefitted to the tune of millions of dollars from the Chinese government.  The laptop contained not only details of the corrupt leveraging by Hunter Biden of his family connections with other nations in exchange for multi millions of dollars, but it also directly implicated through emails and voicemails then-presidential candidate, Joe Biden, himself.

Is the FBI really in a strong position to take an unprecedented action of this kind given its recent history—which includes the Russia Collusion Hoax and the literal attempt by the very top leadership at the FBI—Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page—to remove a duly elected president based upon total fabrications that have since been conclusively proven to be categorical lies?

What about the Steele dossier lie, the false and misleading information used to secure FISA warrants in the Carter Page matter, and the fraudulent and hugely distracting two-year, $32 million taxpayer-dollars inquisition by Robert Mueller that yielded nothing?  What about the grossly abusive treatment by the FBI of Gen. Michael Flynn when the agency fabricated a charge, hatched a plan, and created a crime to entrap him?

In short, will Americans overlook all of these examples of our own federal government grossly abusing its own regulations and core due process guarantees in an attempt to protect and favor a given president?

Scott McKay, publisher of The Hayride, has stated: “There are no documents at Mar-A-Lago worth staging an FBI raid on a former president’s home. That’s the kind of provocative move that can start a civil war.”

No one seeks that, of course, but if the national Left thinks the American people are going to continue tolerating the flagrant abuse of Donald Trump by our federal government agencies it is mistaken. 

What many Americans justifiably fear is that if someone as wealthy, powerful and influential as President Trump can be attacked so dishonestly by our own government, no American is safe from the heel of the boot of an out-of-control federal government.