Monday, May 20, 2024

Revivalism Understands How To Treat Legacy Corporate Democrat Media

There’s an unintentionally hilarious piece at the Washington Post today screeching about press access policy to a Turning Point USA event set for this weekend which will feature Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance, two of the most incandescently revivalist political figures in America.

The Post is just fit to be tied over Turning Point’s treatment of the legacy corporate media.

Journalists hoping to cover a Republican rally featuring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Senate candidate J.D. Vance in Ohio will have to agree to give organizers access to any footage they take, and could face questions about what it will be used for.

That is among the controversial restrictions placed on journalists as a condition of receiving a press pass to cover Friday’s event, which is being organized by Turning Point Action, a conservative nonprofit led by activist Charlie Kirk.

The press policy also restricts journalists to specific events and parts of the venue, and bars them from recording speakers who do not wish to be filmed. Turning Point Action has warned that violators could be kicked out of the event.

“These are highly unusual conditions,” according to Monica Nieporte, the president and executive director of the Ohio News Media Association, which represents outlets across the state.

In particular, Nieporte called out organizers’ demand for access to journalists’ footage — something that many newsrooms would consider an attempt to meddle with coverage. “We do not agree that the Unite & Win Rally has any standing to be asking for blanket access to the content that is created by journalists in exchange for permission to cover their event,” she told The Washington Post. “The journalists work for their media outlet and not for the Vance campaign. Their content is owned by their employer.”

Gee, that’s really too bad, isn’t it?

So in other words, Turning Point has chosen not to allow organizations like the Washington Post or the Cleveland Plain Dealer or Cincinnati Enquirer or other Democrat press organs with awful reputations for slanted coverage to have free reign to use its event as a means to bash its speakers.

By, say, editing footage to take statements out of context or to twist them completely away from their meaning. Or to present DeSantis or Vance or others set to be present at its event in the worst light possible.

We’ve actually been waiting for a very long time for conservative organizations to wake up and treat partisan-slanted Democrat media organs as what they are – opposition researchers and enemy operatives.

Turning Point’s event is a private event. If they want to restrict media access to it, they have the right to do so. If they want to bar all media, or selected media, by all means they can. In fact, given the utterly shameful conduct of the Washington Post over particularly the past six years but certainly going back considerably further, if TPUSA were to specifically bar the Post from access to the event it would be justifiable.

They owe the legacy corporate media nothing. Nothing. Media organizations which report as straight news the opinion that Donald Trump and those who support him are spreading “lies” or “mistruths” about the 2020 election, which half the country understands was deeply flawed and full of irregularities, ought to be outright banned from covering private conservative or Republican events. They’ve outed themselves as Democrat partisans. It’s the same thing as banning campaign trackers, the little minions sent by opponents to follow a candidate around with a camera in hopes of capturing damaging footage of the candidate that can be politically monetized. You wouldn’t allow a tracker into one of your fundraisers; why would you afford the Washington Post, which suppressed the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop for two years, any better treatment?

Now, this assumes these are no fair and objective media sources. If there were some who are being lumped in with the bad actors, it might be questionable if they’re being barred from fully covering the Turning Point event.

On the other hand, it’s a private event. And it’s Turning Point’s call as to who should be treated how.

If you think that left-wing organizations treat conservative media with anything short of abject contempt, think again.

But the whining? It’s really something.

Why, yes, Marty. It’s quite anti-Democratic indeed.