Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Clownish, Patronizing Racism Of John Fetterman

Emerson College has new polling data on the Pennsylvania Senate race, and the stroke-addled Hard Left Democrat John Fetterman, a trust-fund baby who looks like Oswald Cobblepot pre-Penguin and sounds like a Cro-Magnon man, is still ahead.

But not by a lot.

After multiple polls of the Pennsylvania Senate race showed Democrat John Fetterman leading by double digits, more recent polling shows a much closer race in Pennsylvania.

A poll released by Emerson College Polling has Fetterman leading Republican Mehmet Oz 48% to 44% with 5% undecided and 3% supporting another candidate.

Nearly 56% of voters said they expect Fetterman to defeat Oz in a race that could tip the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

The poll of 1,034 very likely Pennsylvania voters showed strong support for Fetterman in urban areas while rural voters support Oz.

That last part is what’s strange…

Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling noted, “Three out of four urban voters support Fetterman whereas 59% of rural voters support Oz. Suburban voters are the battleground for this election, they are split 47% support Fetterman and 47% support Oz.”

Fetterman’s “very favorable” rating among voters was nearly twice as high as Oz’s at 33.8% to 17.6%, while Oz’s very unfavorable rating was about seven points higher at 44.5% to Fetterman’s 37.5%.

In other words, Fetterman has almost universal support in the black community in Pennsylvania.

But one wonders why. After all, this is John Fetterman…

Not very patronizing at all, right?

This is John Fetterman

John Fetterman said he heard what sounded like gunfire and saw a man running away. So he reacted by getting his kid inside to safety before he called 911.

What Fetterman did next, however, still haunts him nine years later as he campaigns for the Democratic nomination for the Senate in Pennsylvania: He chased the man down with a shotgun and detained him until police arrived.

It turned out that the man was jogging and wearing running clothes. According to a police report, the man was unarmed and said the sound of gunfire was actually fireworks, although two witnesses thought they heard shots.

The man Fetterman pulled a gun on is Black. Fetterman — the mayor of the Pittsburgh-area borough of Braddock at the time and now the state’s lieutenant governor — is white. Fetterman, 52, said he couldn’t tell the jogger’s race initially because of how he was bundled up in the winter cold.

Across the state, Democrats who work with Black voters and are neutral in the May 17 primary fault Fetterman’s actions and explanations thus far, and they worry that attacks on him over the incident could depress African American turnout in November in its two biggest urban areas, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh — a must for Democrats to carry the commonwealth.

There’s a bit of a pattern here, as Ted Cruz noticed…

Fetterman has styled himself as a leftist do-gooder and a “volunteer” who cares about people. It’s a typical trust-fund-baby thing. He didn’t get himself a real job and instead lived off his family money while he plunged himself into “good works” for the poor.

But what that means is John Fetterman sees people less fortunate than himself as people who perpetually depend on him. And that makes him exceptionally dangerous.

So in 2013 when he heard fireworks and mistook them for gunshots, what did he do? He seized on the first black guy he could find, assumed he was a gunman and a threat to the neighborhood/village he was the mayor of, and proceeded to terrorize the poor guy in a fashion a bit reminiscent to what happened to Ahmaud Arbery – thankfully with less devastating results.

Why? Because that’s what John Fetterman thinks of black people. He thinks they’re criminals and imbeciles who can’t get driver’s licenses or passports or state ID’s, and that they’re dependent on people like John Fetterman to take care of him.

It’s too bad Kathy Barnette didn’t end up as Fetterman’s opponent, because if she’d won the GOP nomination that race could have turned into a national discussion about paternalistic, patronizing leftists like John Fetterman and the damage they’ve done to virtually everyone they’ve touched.

Instead, it’s a race about how out of touch Mehmet Oz is. Oz’s residence in New Jersey turns voters off more than Fetterman’s debilitating stroke does.

But the stroke, though it shows he can’t do the job, isn’t what’s worst about Fetterman. Even his warmed-over Bernie Sanders bolshevism isn’t the worst thing about him.

What’s worst is the typical Democrat bigotry and plantation mentality he shows. Put this man in the U.S. Senate and you might not have Robert Byrd in body back in the Senate but you’ll sure have it in spirit.

Isn’t it time to move on from that?