Thursday, April 18, 2024

AOC’s TikTok Feminist Crusade Takes On “Pro-Life” Iran

Everything is about you, white man.

Ever wake up early in the morning, look around and wonder, isn’t being the center of the universe great?

I m not talking to you, Mr. and Ms. Narcissist. The chances you’re reading this or anything else are pretty slim.

I m talking to you, white American male.

Yes, if you believe the TV and popular culture, you are extinct. But, just when you think the evil of the western patriarchal culture is defeated and it’s safe to go back into the water, one of our brave social justice warriors reminds us to be vigilant and fight on to keep the evil that is you at bay.

I know our media tries. But it’s hard to see much of what’s going on in the world with your lips glued to the nearest socialist behind.

it does restrict the view of the world outside of said derriere.

One of the million things our media seems to miss out on is the people rising up against fundamentalist Islam (like there is any other kind) and its pushers, the mullahs, in Iran.

I know Shakira and her rear end facing tax evasion charges in Spain is the story of the day, but it would be nice if people struggling to shake off the yoke of an insane psychopathic cult would get a second of attention.

Including a young girl, Mahsa Amini, beaten to death by the Islamic morality police for not wearing a hijab properly (that’s the potato sack practitioners of Islam force their women to wear. I m told it’s to protect them from Western imperialism.).

Unarmed civilian protestors, including a 21 years old was shot and killed by an army sniper. The sniper (burns my tongue to call someone who’s shooting from a rooftop into a crowd of unarmed people) was so proud of his actions that he filmed himself and posted it on social media.

I wonder if he’d move to DC and become interested in a job with the Capitol Police.

So far, there have been 79 people killed by the mullah’s troops and over 1200 arrested during the latest civil unrest.

And for anyone who’s not familiar with the Islamic criminal system, being arrested in Iran means being beaten to a bloody pulp by the cops and more often than not, raped.

All cultures are not equal.

Some are evil enough to motivate people struggling to be free to stand up against Iranian shock troops or DC Capitol Police.

Our government is, of course, on the side of the mullahs.

I guess that old saying “you can judge a person by the friends he keeps” holds true.

The US, under the soft dictatorship of our kinda-sorta Kenyan prince, helped Iran suppress the 2009 popular revolution, started by the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (he’s the smiling dude torturing American hostages during the 1979 hostage crisis when Iranian fanatics took over the American embassy and kept American hostages for over a year), ending with hundreds of civilian protestors shot, imprisoned and tortured.

I guess self-determination doesn’t apply to people living under the boot of the Religion of Peace.

So to be frank, being surprised by the love shown to Iran by Obama in the whiteface administration is dumb. Water is wet, dodge makes trucks that are easy to push, and progressives support every dictator and oppressor they can find. That’s just nature.

Still makes one wonder: why is there no homicidal Islamic or African regime our government can stay away from?

AOC (Alexandria Occasionally Crazy), the lady-in-waiting of our prospective socialist democracy recently posted this tweet in response to the news of Islamic police caving in the skull of an Iranian 21-year old that wanted to feel what it’s like being a human for a sec.

Like Goebbels said, make the lie so big, so outrageous that a normal person would not believe someone can tell that as a lie.

The struggle is real.

The fight for the right to kill children is the same as the fight against a culture that sees you as less valuable than a well-built couch.

Same patriarchal forces the world over.

Screams a failed bartender that made a career of social justice hoaxes and promoting socialism.

it’s nice that our (someone, somewhere, I’m assuming, voted for it, because no one cheats in US elections) overpaid representative takes the time off from pretending to cry by a parking lot fence after visiting the concentration camps run by the Trump administration on the Mexican border.

Then there was the statement about being almost killed by the J6 hoax snipers from 3 miles away.

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was barricaded inside her office during the Capitol insurrection on January 6, she not only feared that mob would kill her, but that she would be raped if the rioters found her.

“I didn’t think that I was just going to be killed,” Ocasio-Cortez told CNN’s Dana Bash in “Being…AOC,” the first episode of the new CNN series “Being…” that airs Monday night at 9 p.m. ET. “I thought other things were going to happen to me as well.”

Asked if that belief was driven in part by her experience as a survivor of sexual assault, Ocasio-Cortez said past traumas weighed on her mind as she hid.

“Survivors have a very strong set of skills. And the skills that are required as a survivor, the tools that you build for resilience, they come back in right away,” Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview in her district in June. “And for me, I felt like those skills were coming right back so that I could survive.”

And then there was the LARPing at being proudly arrested after calling the cops on your own protest to add her voice to the struggle against an autocratic regime she spent her entire political career drooling over.

I mean, the “lady” has literally promoted the idea that Iran does not attack civilians a couple of months ago

“Ocasio-Cortez “liked” a tweet from Rania Khalek, a far-left journalist who works for In the Now, who wrote: “A friend flying into the US says he hasn’t seen so much security since 9/11. The US is terrified of how Iran will retaliate. Iran won’t attack civilians, that’s what al Qaeda does. But it shows this assassination did the opposite of making Americans safer and our leaders know it

And went on a tearful tirade to support her fellow Sharia squad member, Pramiya Javapal after she got lit up for defending none other than Qasem Soleimani, the guy who, well, supervised the killing of civilians in Iran and through proxy militias like Hezbollah and Houthis all over the middle east.

I mean, I like anyone who can make an insanely well-paid career off virtue signaling and race-mongering as much as the next guy. But when it gets to the point where people can’t differentiate between your crazy statements and jokes people make about them, it’s time to turn the crazy down just a touch, n’est-ce pas?

You stubbing your toe is not the same as Spartans fighting off the Persians.

Just saying.

Do it for the comedians everywhere: you can’t write a joke these last two years to measure up to the reality on the lips of the TikTok Squad Leader or a White House spokes-lesbian or some other talking Democrat caricature with brain and decency surgically removed.