Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Are Never Trumpers Seriously This Incapable of Grasping the Obvious?

Never Trumpers and anti-MAGA people obsess over the flaws of one Donald J. Trump and lecture his supporters all the live long day that we fell prey to a con artist.

Spare me.

Instead of telling us why we should ditch Trump and vote for their candidates, establishment Republicans continue to insult and belittle Trump (and, by extension, us).

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The Liz Cheney’s, the Peggy Noonan’s, the David French’s, and the Bill Kristol’s of the world warn Trump supporters that we will one day realize we were on the wrong side of history.

But the Never Trumpers’ wounds were self-inflicted. They are out-of-touch with the grassroots of their own party. They underestimate how furious the grassroots of their own party are with them. They exist in denial about these facts or simply do not care.  

The grassroots tires of sending wimp and soy boy Republicans to Washington, D.C. who time after time after time capitulate to Democrats or the media and brag about how well they get along with liberals. That’s foolish, especially when liberal progressives continue to win one important cultural and economic battle after another and especially when those Democrats go to the halls of Congress to fight for blood. 

This is not a game of patty-cake. This is a street brawl.

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Never Trumpers harp on about honor, decency, and integrity — and these are qualities that liberals, whom establishment Republicans are so eager to get along with, consistently lack. 

Can these Never Trumper Republicans at least acknowledge the grassroots and our frustrations with them? Can they at least shut up about Trump and his personal shortcomings and try to convince us they aren’t the out-of-touch elitists that we think they are? Can they at least stop disparaging MAGA voters?

Perhaps then we can have an honest and candid conversation.   

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