Saturday, April 20, 2024

Is Canadian Rapper Tom MacDonald America’s Foremost Truth-Teller?

America’s Newest Nuclear Voice of Truth… Is a Canadian Rapper

Let me say that, again. America’s newest nuclear voice of truth is a CANADIAN RAPPER. Not American mainstream media, not the local nightly news, not legacy news outlets, not the government you pay your taxes to, not the GOP, or Congress, but a Canadian rapper; albeit a damn good one who doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen.

These are the times we live in. But hasn’t music always been the hallmark of an era? History is best told through the lens of the artists that capture its momentous tensions, in ways that expand our perspectives beyond finitely perceived dynamics. And if that was the goal for Tom MacDonald, he blew it out of the water, with a nuclear submarine.

MacDonald’s song “The System” is a brilliantly raw take on the state of society, today. I can’t imagine, (well, maybe I can), the emotional torture of understanding the conundrum our countries face, as we attempt to make sense of the current catastrophe that is, North America, and what our lives have become.

So, without further ado: a teaser. I strongly recommend a listen. MacDonald is…unconventional in his appearance, so try to look past that and just pay attention to the message.

“The System”

Welcome to the world baby boy, I’ll paint you, red, and white, and blue.

The indoctrination starts as soon as you come out the womb.

Pretty quick we’ll make you stupid with curriculums at school,

And if the classroom doesn’t do the trick, we’ll make you watch the news.

Pick your team, right or left, take the red pill or the blue,

You can vote, but even if you win, still everyone will lose.

Don’t forget to buy designer because Gucci makes you cool,

We prioritize material belongings over truth.

Unpacking this stanza, alone, is worthy of its own article. But there’s more. So much more. As if that weren’t powerful enough, the rest of the song is a veritable gavel on the bench of division by design. MacDonald nails truth to the wall in a way that few can. His hard-hitting approach is nothing less than a tangible war cry on corruption. And that’s what America needs…a serious gut-wrenching call to action, against its own subversion to doom.

Welcome to the world, baby girl, I’ll paint you pink if that’s okay,

We’ll encourage self-destruction through the music that you play,

We divided all the men by tryin’ politics and race,

And honestly it’s workin awesome, so for you we’ll do the same.

Never teachin’ you to love yourself, inject you full of hate,

Objectify your sexuality then blame you for the rape,
And weaponize the differences that make our men and women great

And just to screw with you, erase the genders, everyone’s the same!
We’ll empower you with rights to vote and fight for equal pay,
Then have the men turn into women and you’ll fight for them again!

But you thought you had it figured out, but everything has changed.

Welcome to the system, bitch, please enjoy your stay.

It doesn’t get any more real than this…yet it does. MacDonald drops more truth bombs in ONE song, than I’ve heard from any politician or culmination of politicians, in my lifetime.  These stanzas don’t come close to covering everything the song touches on, but that’s not my point.

Listen. Listen to what the crisis’ of our present day are trying to tell you, between the lines of overt deceit.

Listen to the undertones of subversion of the natural order of things and how we are being played like a piano toward division, in every way.

Listen and take note that a Canadian is fighting for America, harder than most Americans.

Somewhere inside, you know this song hits the nail of what’s wrong with America, square on the head.

Welcome to the world, everybody, I’ma paint you black and white.
I’ma make you hate each other so that everyone will fight.
I’ma give you all religion, let the righteous find the light,
But I will also give you science to oppose the Word of Christ.
And I’ma give you borders, they’re imaginary lines.
If you cross them, go to war and win when everybody dies,
And I’ma give you money that you’ll value more than life
And let the one percent have everything, while you fight to survive.
And then I’ll give you politics, I’ll call it left and right.
And while you divide yourselves, I will conquer both the sides
Can’t you see? I’m the system, my whole purpose is DIVIDE.
What you choose will never matter because everything is MINE.

John Hay once said, “The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it.”

The guess here is that before it’s over, Tom MacDonald’s song will be hailed as a hallmark effort in exposing the greatest era of political corruption, in history…if the public can get past the way he looks and presents his art.

McDonald makes everyone uncomfortable, in the same way Elvis Presley used to, and in the same way heavy metal rockers used to, and in the same way the first gangsta rappers used to before Corporate America decided to mainstream them and put them on the field at halftime of the Super Bowl to perform.

Tom McDonald isn’t going to play Super Bowls any time soon, despite the fact that his songs – which he pumps out with a regularity very few artists can match – routinely pull millions of views on YouTube.

Because America isn’t good with uncomfortable. And Tom MacDonald is someone who can make people feel very uncomfortable. But it should make you even more uncomfortable, that a Canadian freedom fighter is doing more to stand up for America, than the majority of Americans.

Shame on us.

This is how psychological conditioning gets in the way of change. Our minds tend to look for confirmation of our realities, rather than challenges. MacDonald challenges everything the system perpetuates. He’s a Canadian, living in America’s backyard, and he understands its divisive politics more than most Americans. Let that sink in.

Let every freedom loving patriot in the world, marinate in the same kind of passionate intention and purpose, as we find our paths to fight for our future.

We can only pray our voices will be as powerful.

Can you handle it? Can you hear your country crying out for action in response to its woes?

Can you put aside your preconceived notions and biases of what a true freedom fighter looks, thinks, and acts like, long enough to see the truth for what it is? Because from where I’m sitting, it looks like a Canadian rapper aced it, while we were still taking notes.

America is waiting.

Thank you, Tom MacDonald…for being an example of relentless truth, in a world blinded by politically correct deceit. May the fruits of your labor, be endless.