Friday, April 12, 2024

It’s Hard To Believe California And Texas Are In The Same Country

We’re growing apart. If our country were a marriage, we’d be at the brink of divorce. Our differences irreconcilable.

Look at our two most populous states, Texas with close to 30-million and California with 40 million.    

The Marxists running California hate capitalism, free markets, and anything resembling traditional family values. Texas leaders typically embrace our founding father’s vision of America. Let freedom ring!  

Californians earning $600,000 a year lose half their salary to federal and state income taxes. The feds take 37% and the state grabs 13%.

Texas is one of seven states with no income taxes. Texans pocket $378,000 of their $600,000 salary.

A Texan earning the same $600,000 as a Californian gets to keep an extra $78,000 per year in income. That’s $6,500 a month and $1,500 a week in extra spending power.

But Texans also get more bang for their buck when it comes to housing. The medium home price in California is $522,800. In Texas, it’s $195,000.

A 30-year fixed rate mortgage costs $3,381 a month for a medium-priced California home. In Texas, medium-priced home costs $1,283 a month.

That’s a savings of close to $2,100 a month for Texans compared to Californians. Add that to the $6,500 per month in state income tax savings, Texans earning $600,000 a year, have $8,600 a month in more spending power than Californians each month.

But there’s more. In addition to losing half their income to government, Californians also pay 7.25% general sales and use tax, which is the highest statewide rate in the nation.

Triple A reports California’s gas tax is close to triple of what Texans pay at the pump. Californians pay an additional $1 per gallon at the pump in taxes, the highest rate in the nation.

And Utility costs in California are double of what they are in Texas. California’s focus on more expensive renewables has hit low-income Californians especially hard.  

Want to start a business in Leftist run California? You’ll have to fork over close to 9% of your profits to Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom. Texas has no corporate income tax.  

It shouldn’t surprise anyone California company headquarter exits more than doubled in 2021, according to a recent Stanford University study.  

The website, The Center Square, reports California is on average losing 1,000 people a day to the state of Texas. The influx has earned Texas two additional Congressional seats.

For the first time in California’s 171-year history, the state lost a seat in Congress. California also lost one vote in the Electoral College costing the state $1.5 trillion in federal funding.

“Gavin Newsom’s policies have been an assault on affordability and livability for families across the state, “said Republican San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. “Californians are being forced to leave their home state in droves.”

Democrats are also leaving carnage in their wake in the cities they run. The nation’s ten deadliest cities, St. Louis, Baltimore, Birmingham, Detroit, Dayton, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Kansas City, Memphis, and Cleveland are all run by soft on crime Democrat mayors.  

Americans are torn between two vastly different ideologies. States are choosing sides.

Thirty years ago, one party controlled the governorship and both houses of the legislature in nineteen states. Currently, 37-states have one party rule. Republicans control twenty-three and Democrats 14.

The national divorce our beloved nation is heading toward seems inescapable.

Our public education system and universities have mass produced a legion of Marxists with mush for brains. Historical evidence could not be clearer, Leftists policies fail. They’ve failed in the past and they are failing in the present, right in front of everyone and anyone who has eyes that can see.  

Dan Fagan hosts a radio show for IHeart Media. His email address is [email protected]