Friday, May 24, 2024

Let’s Play The “Where Do The Immigrants Go?” Game!

As the border crisis continues to grow, it seems like it’s easier to get into the United State than trying to get into Disneyland. Now the country finds itself in this weird game of “where do the immigrants go?”

In reality, as an easy solution, they go to the self-proclaimed leftist liberal sanctuary cities. Program solved and that’s what the governors of Texas and Florida have been doing.

I mean, let’s not forget people that when Trump was in office and the border was secure there were a ton of liberals that were not happy with this. To fight back against Trump they declared themselves  “sanctuary cities,” and all immigrants were welcomed with wide-open arms.

Obviously, the border was a lot more secure under Trump, so very few immigrants were coming in, and thus there was no use for a “sanctuary city.”

And they knew this.

It’s a lot like me running a restaurant and saying I’ll give 90% off to any Martians that show up from Mars. It’s very easy for me to offer this amazing discount because I know in fact that not one Martian will ever show up.

This pretty much sums up the point of view the sanctuary cities had. They knew that not one immigrant was going to actually show up.

But jump to 2022 and now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is – and trust me it looks like their bluff was called.

Ron DeSantis proved this when he sent immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and it was clear they were not welcomed there. It only took a second for the upper class to round them up and ship them off to an army base.

“You’ve enriched us. Now get the flock out.”

This clearly proves that sanctuary cities never wanted illegals to begin with. It was just another virtue-signaling media stunt.

Media clicks are like cocaine to the liberals, and they will do anything if it gets attention from the blow-dried, drive-by airheads on the TV news or the ink-stained wretches at the zombie newspapers.

That’s why you never see a democrat help a veteran or help feed starving American children. There’s no press in it.

But boy oh boy do those illegal immigrants get media clicks and the democrats love it. The question remains, however; why have these liberal sanctuary cities had a change of heart? Well, I thought about it, and here’s my theory on the situation. 

Why can’t these sanctuary cities accept illegals now? 

Martha’s Vineyard – Rumor has it in the policy they drafted when it came to taking illegal immigrants stated that they can only accept them during “non-vacation/tourist” time. When I looked into it Martha’s Vineyard declared that they are always open and never closed to tourists. Hence they can’t accept illegal immigrants because it’s tourist season all year long. Even though there are more than 20,000 Airbnb units available on Martha’s Vineyard at present.

New York – At first the city that never sleeps was all about it, but then none of the immigrants wanted to be Mets Fans. Talk about jobs Americans won’t do – that’s a job humans won’t do.

San Francisco – The tech capital of the world which paves its streets with homeless has open arms to immigrants. The only issue is that immigrants don’t want to go there. After all, the sidewalks of Tegucigalpa and La Paz have far less poop on them than Tenderloin does. 

Jokes aside, America needs to focus on Americans. We need to stop trying to be the civil servant for all of South America. We have our own programs and our own citizens that need our help. We have veterans, starving kids, and the homeless that could really use the resources over the ones we give people crossing the border.

Why do we overlook our own people all the time?

Because it doesn’t get media attention or social media clicks.

We need to crush this illusion that illegal immigrants will have a better life in America, because the more of them who come the less true it’ll be. Millions and millions of illegals invading this country means it’s going to be worse for them. They’re going to be taken advantage of.

Who is going to rent an apartment to someone that has no social security card or job?

Employers will take advantage of them by offering them work for very low pay.

Think about that for a moment. You hear all this news about them crossing the border, but we never hear what happens next. Did they become a citizen, get a job, rent a house, and give back to society? The answer is usually no. Sadly they came here and I assume got taken advantage of and live only a little better than they did back home. While draining our social infrastructure for things like schools, hospitals, the criminal justice system and more.

Get in a wreck with an illegal driving a beater, no insurance, no license and it’s his fault, and then let’s see how “enriched” you feel.

We talk about “Making America Great Again,” but if I was running for office my slogan would be “Let’s focus on Americans for once.” Before we take on other countries’ problems, let’s focus on our own.