Friday, April 12, 2024

The Credit Card Companies Join The Gun-Grabbing Gestapo

Responding to the unrelenting pressure by the leftist lawmakers and anti-2nd amendment groups, the ISO (International Standards Organization) is instituting a new purchasing code to help flag guns and ammo-related purchases.

Over the last few weeks, the gun control nuts in our government and population-disarmament organizations that support them ramped up the pressure on the credit card companies to create a system that would allow the government to circumvent the 2nd Amendment and track legal firearm purchases by law-abiding American citizens.

The opening salvo was an August 28 request advising credit companies to set up a categorizing system differentiating firearm purchases from all others.

And let’s be honest, when a left-wing organization, fully supported by our government and its media arm and making hundreds of millions leveraging the deaths of our children, sends in a letter of request, it’s less of a request and more of an offer you can’t refuse from your friendly neighborhood trash collector and his friends Jimmy No-nose and Franky Two Fingers.

That was followed by the chorus of the usual voices, by all the usual suspects – New York and New Jersey virtue-signaling politicians, the Empire State’s un-elected Governer Kathy “If you don’t do what I’m telling you, you are against God” and California’s favorite son (and our esteemed legislator Nancy “ I’m not drunbkedered!” Pelosi’s beloved nephew) Gavin Newsom eager to share California and New York’s success in crime prevention with the rest of the country.

The final stroke to bowl over the (sort-of) resistant credit companies was a letter by DC lawmakers headed by Senator Warren of the Cheat-and-Steal Native American tribe.

The excuse is to crack down on illegal firearm sales. As if going through the FBI background check is not enough. And in my understanding buying a Saturday night special from your local drug dealer rarely involves using credit cards – the drug and prostitution industries are unfortunately very much behind the times.

But how would credit card companies separating 2nd amendment related purchases from the rest help our government fight crime and assorted evil-doers?

The government is watching (sometimes in real-time) what you’re purchasing.

All the time.

Has been for years and is not about to stop.

Electronic Frontiers Foundation’s senior staff attorney Kevin Bankston  went to court and stood against New York City’s District Attorney when the DA filed a request to allow law enforcement warrant-less access to cell phone location tracking .

The motion the district attorney filed stated that since the government post 9/11 allows law enforcement to spy on Americans’ finances without a warrant or oversight there is no logical reason not to be able to spy on them using cell phones.

As outrageous as that request is, the information that came out during that trial and subsequent Freedom of Information act requests (which the DOJ took over a year and a half to answer) makes it look pretty mellow.

Since right after 9/11 and the installation of the Patriot Act, our government took it upon itself to install a number of freedom-crashing programs.

 One of them was the Hotwatch Act.

Hotwatch Act in a nutshell: government agencies can in real-time and post-act watch credit card transactions as well as travel, car, and hotel reservations of American citizens. Without a warrant.

But wait. There is more!

The Hotwatch Act specifies that it is PREFERABLE to skip dealing with warrants and that pesky 4th amendment.

Instead, federal agencies are using the subpoena process to force retailers and credit card companies to pass along the information they want to see.

Once done, the judge issues a non-disclosure order and boom, you will never know you’ve been spied on. 

And if some whistle-blower were to feel the pang of conscience and try to make you or the public in general aware of how your rights are being trampled? Well, now he is breaking the law and gets to keep his rear end to the wall for the duration of whatever federal charges will be levelled against him. (Paging Edward Snowden ).

So now we know that credit card companies flag firearm and ammo purchases with a specific code.

We also know that federal agencies use that code to access purchase records to create a firearm owner database. Records will be held on file by the credit card companies for a minimum of 5 years and after that pretty much indefinitely. Personal information is currency. Facebook and Google taught you that.

Who needs laws and Congress when you have crony capitalism and bureaucrats?


Hold your horses. This psycho circus ain’t done yet!

Behind door number 1 (as well as 2 and 3) we have an executive order 14042, signed by our glorious leader and set to go into effect in the beginning of December 2022.

Once you push your way past all the “inclusivity” and “fairness” the gist of the edict is pretty simple: the central bank is to create its own digital currency. 

And you can’t have two currencies in the same country. Paper coin’s out, government-run digital currency is in.

Paper money, however worthless and not backed by anything, had one huge advantage. Once the government printed it and it’s in circulation, it’s pretty much on its own. Independent. Non-controllable.

Can’t have that. 

Sure, the government tried. Tracking deposits, civil asset forfeiture as leverage, and so on. But cash stayed cash, and once it’s in your pocket it became your cash.

Digital government currency? In your pocket, Cabela’s, or Pizza Hut’s counter, you still need the permission of your government for it to work. 

Progress. Always towards fascism.

Government is not exactly shy when it comes showing us to how it’ll use that newly-found power of controlling the money you make.

The order states that within 120 days law enforcement agencies are to evaluate the risks digital currency use presents when it comes to “Combating terrorism and other Illicit Financing” and “mitigate such risks through regulation.”


The FBI was pretty open about what constitutes terrorism and terrorist recently, and guess what-2nd amendment is on top of that list.

Ok. let’s put it all together:

  • A. Credit card company( can I get more of your taxes for another bailout?)
  • build a system that allows federal agencies to track your 2nd amendment purchases and set up a de facto firearm registration system.
  • B. Federal agencies have a system in place to access your purchases without bothering with courts, the constitution, or the rest of that “living document” peskiness. 
  • C. Federal government is setting up a system to ensure you are not spending what’s left of your money after taxes on the boorish and bible clinging things like instruments of protection against the state.

I’m thinking I’ll use cash for as long as I can for gun and ammo purchases. After that? Well, I m too old to learn to goose-step.