Friday, April 12, 2024

The Great Reset guys want to starve you and then make you walk.

I’m not kidding. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll prove it.

I hate to make anybody do math but like it or not our life is one big math problem.

Hold on, get back here – I’ll do the math for you (I married a super-accountant), but you’ll want to be here for the results.

I guarantee you.

Grab a snack, sit down and stop making faces.

Variable A. Alternative fuels ( What do we want? No more oil!)

The push is on – you’ve seen it for certain – to get rid of oil, natural gas, and coal.

Kaaay. Simple. We’re not going to go into what would replace oil gas – green warriors never do.

To be frank, it doesn’t matter – you’ll see why in a bit.

Kaaaay. No more oil and gas.

Variable B. Fertilizer (not the poop)

Unless you’ve done farming yourself, (it’s the hardest way to make a living outside of being a lie-detector machine in congress – do not recommend!) or been exposed to an old farmhand who had a few beers, you are probably not familiar with one of the best-kept secrets of the trade.

Dirt, the black stuff you drop seeds into, can’t grow anything anymore. Nothing. Zilch. Well, nothing much of what you’d want to eat.

Industrial farming squeezed the juices out of it and left a bunch of sterile, desolate, and soulless nothing. Think Elizabeth Warren.

The only reason we get to harvest our food crops from that dirt is fertilizers.

Our crops don’t feed from the earth – they live on the food we toss to them and what they can generate through photosynthesis (the only efficient way to use solar power; solar panels average 11 % efficiency. Bet you haven’t seen that number in the commercials!).

Old-timers never used the same field more than two years in a row for a reason. If you don’t let the dirt recover and replenish nutrients, you get dead dirt.

No fertilizer means no food. Or at least no food for most of us.

Modern synthetic fertilizers came on the scene in the early 1950s. with the invention of the Haber-Bosch process. The use of fertilizer made the yields double. DOUBLE.

It’s estimated that more than half of food produced is thanks to fertilizers.

Half of what we put on the table is gone if the fertilizers are gone.

The reason so few people can be involved in farming (less than 4% of the population) and so many people can be involved in eating (the other 96 percent of us ungrateful SOB’s) is simple.

Fertilizers are the reason we get a lot of food from a very little space that we’ve largely worn out.

Where do you get them fertilizers?

No, it does not come out of a bull’s butt. Not talking about the congress here.

You’d have to place every cow in the world on a taco bell diet and it still wouldn’t cover a quarter of the need. Animal fertilizers are just not that efficient.

Plus the enviro-nuts want cows gone anyway. As you’ve heard, their farts are killing us all. There is a reason cows come with horns -they’re Satan.

Manure can’t hold a candle to synthetic fertilizers.

Get it – manure, cow farts, candle? Thank you – I’m here all day (till I get fired). Try the veal.

Synthetic fertilizers come in a couple of different flavors – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

To make Nitrogen fertilizer you take nitrogen from the air and combine it with hydrogen in methane – the “boom” part of the natural gas.

That produces ammonia.

The ammonia is then used to create other forms of nitrogen -urea, different nitrates, and so on,

Even the heat source for the reaction is provided by methane.

To make phosphorus we use sulfuric acid.. Over 80 percent of sulfuric acid comes from the desulfurization of fossil fuels.

No oil – no need to separate it from sulfur.

No more sulfur.

By 2040 it s estimated that increased demand (more eaters) and increased farming to meet that demand will have us needing about 400 million tons of sulfur yearly.

We’re not producing that much now, and with demand for oil being artificially suppressed the estimates are of us producing only about 120-200 million tons a year by 2040.

So half or less than half of what we need.

And to make potassium-we dig a hole in the ground and get potassium out of that hole. Sort of like coal, But a bigger, smellier hole.

To summarize:

no oil from the ground, no natural gas drilling, no mining for potassium: no more fertilizers.

No more fertilizers means half the crop that’s the result of fertilizer use is gone.

How do you like them apples? (btw – no more apples, they need fertilizer too)

Fertilizer prices are up more than 300 percent from 2 years ago thanks to the sanctions on Russia’s exports and US oil policies). Think what our food would cost if instead of a 12 percent cut to the market there was no fertilizer market at all.

But wait, there is more! When it comes to the stupidity of government and “elites” there’s always more.

What else is sulfur used for?

Why, lithium-ion batteries of course.

The same batteries that run (sort of and for not very far) the electric vehicles they want you to trash your car for.

The same batteries that are supposed to run farmers’ combines that go nonstop for four weeks straight at harvest time. And how exactly do you get a charging cord to the field 12 miles away to recharge that beautiful electrical machine with 44 minutes of run time?

So back to our math problem.

You need variables B1(nitrogen) + B2(phosphorus) + B3 (potassium) = Food.

The great green reset gets rid of those pesky B variables and replaces it with variable A(alt. Fuels). So no more food.

Energy production (windmills, panels) + storage(batteries)= energy that can be used.

Guess what happens when you take batteries out of that equation?

Yeah, you walk, And you don’t eat.

Welcome to tomorrow.