Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Grooming Of America (Part 1)

Dreams: are they drivers or destroyers? In today’s American cultural landscape, it could be argued that they are both. Fact: America is a society strongly influenced by media and propaganda. Everyone falls for it one way or another. We’re a nation addicted to instant gratification and the dopamine hit that comes with every whim indulged. No one is immune to it, but awareness is key.

The American Dream is on its deathbed, and it’s time for America to wake up.

A whole new class of dreams is rising in this country; a class that screams freedom but has an underbelly of deceit, meant to groom her for subversion and destruction, from the inside out. Laced with dark, hedonistic undertones, these dreams have taken center stage in the race for power and control.

These dreams are not our own, unless you want to call them nightmares. They are the dreams of an elite class of power hungry, sociopathic billionaires, that utilize the grooming tricks of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. Their tentacles are many and their reach is long. Their tactics are used to bring up subsequent generations in a weakened, confused, and easy-to-control state of entitled dependence, and they’ve been at it, longer than we know.  

Winning the lottery seems more realistic than an honest politician these days, so who can we trust? That’s not an easy question to answer, but it’s also a moot point if we, as a people, do not trust our own abilities for logic and reason, so let’s start by digging in and working on that. Lots of questions need to be asked and answered, and it all begins with YOU.

In this article series, many facets of the tools used to keep America on this trajectory of subterfuge will be covered and explored, including;

  • Easy money enamoring the multitudes, through stimulus, excessive benefits, and a mere desire to be saved from the financial chaos that has devastated so many during the COVID pandemic.
  • Addiction and suicide are at an all-time high: everyone is looking for an escape.
  • A southern border invasion is laying the American Dreams’ future at foreigners’ feet. Immigrants are treated better than Americans.
  • The markets are rigged by algorithms controlled by ‘banksters’. The Big Short has become the normal for Wall Street; just ask the AMC Apes.
  • Real science has been turned on its head and used as an arbitrary weapon against the masses; case in point, COVID19.
  • Fairy tale romances have created impossible expectations and failed relationships. What has been presented as innocent entertainment has had more to do with this mess than we think.
  • Human and drug trafficking are at an all-time high. The cartels are doing GREAT, but how’s America’s average family faring?
  • And the perversion of creation to embrace and mirror the gender dysmorphic mental illnesses that besiege so many, is becoming normalized?

The list goes on and on. What the hell happened? And when? Has anyone asked: where did all this nonsense come from?

The better question is: has it been under our noses this whole time and we are just now, noticing?

Grooming is not consent. It is a psychologically manipulative tactic that plants an idea and then makes one believe it’s their own.

Has America been groomed? I believe so. Is this condition we’re in what America stands for? Absolutely not.

It’s the ruling class’ sneaky workaround to the protections of the Constitution and God given rights. The powers that be know it’s much more difficult to subvert a healthy nation whose identity is strongly rooted and united. Divide and conquer is their game, and they are working overtime on it. Are we patriots willing to do the same, to reunite U.S.?

How badly do we want it? What are we willing to do, to protect and secure, not only our immediate futures, but those of our children and grandchildren? Because it’s ALL on the line, and that will be the determining factor in who wins this fight.

Do we think we’re going to get lucky? That this future will just happen because it’s what we want? Let me tell you something, folks. Luck is the lottery. American Dreams are made of blood, sweat, and tears.

Any patriot who has pounded the truth pavement and dared traverse the gauntlet of endless censorship over the last couple years, will tell you; saving America is not for the weak minded or faint-hearted. And it certainly isn’t for overly sensitive persons who are in perpetual identity crisis, expecting the world to bend to their feelings, over facts, based on pseudo-science.

The American Dream that once unified this nation, in goodness, hope, and faith, through gratitude for the freedoms it grants under God and the Constitution, is in dire need of rescuing. She has fallen prey to the wiles of a rogue elite structure, hell bent on destroying her legacy, forever.

Are we going to let her fall?