Sunday, April 14, 2024

We Are Who Joe Biden Was Referencing Tonight, And Now It’s Our Turn To Speak

It lasted only 24 minutes, but in that time Joe Biden, who will undoubtedly go down as the most destructive president in American history not named James Buchanan or Herbert Hoover and perhaps without exception at all, managed to break all faith with the oath of his office and the very intellectual and political patronage which afforded him his career and current residence.

It was a staggering, abominable display of public contempt, a raw, naked, ugly exposition of partisanship billed as a presidential address. The television networks which carried Biden’s screed should charge him the campaign rate – or should afford equal time to a Republican representative. Thankfully, that only includes CNN and MSNBC – the other networks saw this for what it was and ran their regular programming.

Joe Biden, or more accurately the faceless thugs who handle him, is actively promoting civil strife in advance of a midterm election his party should lose and lose badly. Yes, there are polls showing that the Democrats’ chances are improving and that they can hold the Senate, if not the House.

But the fundamentals don’t favor them and they know it.

Thanks to Biden, we’re in a recession – though the regime and its legacy media allies refuse to acknowledge it. Thanks to Biden and his party, energy costs have skyrocketed and shortages are the new vogue. Thanks to his policies, our supply chain is broken and store shelves remain spotty. More than 11 million jobs are going unfilled and employers are now giving up trying to fill them, because Biden’s welfare state has swelled to unsustainable size.

Our budget deficit is an obscenity. Our national debt tops $30 trillion, a figure significantly larger than our economy. Our cities, run almost exclusively by Democrats, are shooting galleries with crumbling public infrastructure and crumbled public trust.

Our federal government is weaponized against our people. Our border barely exists. Chinese fentanyl is killing us by the thousands and Biden has no energy to address that issue.

Nor does he have energy or ideas to address the collapse of our foreign policy, a dangerous failing which threatens to plunge Europe into catastrophe while at the same time enveloping East Asia and the pacific rim in flames. China threatens Taiwan in the knowledge that we will either accede, which by default places that totalitarian regime into sole superpower status, or we will resist, which given the broken state of our woke military will result in our humiliation and potential destruction as a world power altogether.

Amid all of the various disasters and catastrophes, with more to come – talk persists and grows of a food shortage coming to our shores this fall and winter, given the skyrocketed price of fertilizer, the nonsensical government regulations on land use, the broken supply chain and myriad other factors – Joe Biden saw fit Thursday night to demonize, effectively, half of America as political terrorists.

And he offered nothing as evidence to support so bold and explosive a contention.

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution,” he said. “They do not believe in the rule of law, they do not believe in the rule of law, they do not recognize the will of the people.”

How doesn’t the MAGA/revivalist movement respect the constitution? What’s the basis of that statement? That we question the legitimacy of his election? The constitution places responsibility for the governance of our elections with state legislatures. In several contested states won by Joe Biden in 2020, laws put in place by those legislatures governing elections were materially ignored and broken. How is it disrespect for the constitution to object to such substandard practices?

The rule of law? How many court cases has Joe Biden lost? How many executive overreaches? How many reversals on his own statements of limited power? Remember when Joe Biden said he didn’t have the authority to impose things like vaccine mandates and then did so anyway? What rule of law is he talking about?

The will of the people? Biden just unilaterally canceled hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt when every poll taken on the subject shows that’s a terribly unpopular action. And a patently illegal one, to boot – it’s Congress, not the president, who has the power of the purse. Nancy Pelosi admonished Biden to that very point a couple of weeks ago, and is silent now.

“MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards,” he went on. “Backwards to an America where there is no right to choose. No right to privacy. No right to contraception. No right to marry who you love. They promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence.”

Says the most openly authoritarian leader in this country since Woodrow Wilson. Biden has weaponized the FBI against Jan. 6 protesters, parents at school board meetings and even his predecessor, and he dares call small-government revivalists who rightly see the unelected Deep State as a mortal threat to the republic “authoritarians?”

The hypocrisy and projection of this stings the nostrils.

He called MAGA/America First revivalism a “dark and wicked ideology,” and decried us as a minority. Well, if we’re so insignificant, why are you publicly wetting your pants over our ascension within the Republican Party, Joe? Why wouldn’t you welcome us as a worthy political opponent your party will easily sweep away in November?

Therein is found the lie. Biden reeks of fear and failure. His handlers are terrified of losing political power and the ugly reckoning that loss will carry with it – whether that results in congressional hearings and accountability, the defunding of many of their sinecures, or the public exposure of their covert and corrupt actions, or multiples of the above.

It was a dark, sinister speech, and its stagers openly presented it as such by bathing Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in a satanic red light. Biden stayed lucid enough for its 24 minutes to deliver an unmistakable message – that there is no depth he and his regime won’t sink to in order to stay in power.

We pray that our side recognizes this speech for what it is – bait. The regime is desperate to provoke an overreaction so that it can unleash its stormtroopers against the Republican Party in advance of the midterms.

These are uncharted waters full of sharks and monsters of the deep. We cannot abandon our ships or shift with the current, or we will surely drown along with this doomed, hateful regime which bared its teeth Thursday in Philadelphia.