Thursday, February 29, 2024

What’s A Career Job? I’m Not Sure The Left Knows.

Back when Trump was president it seemed like it was crystal clear on what was happening in the economy. The stock market was strong, interest rates were low, and gas prices were dropping quicker than Joe Biden’s IQ. The job market was also growing with what I would define as “career-type” jobs. You know, something that pays a good wage with health care that has opportunity for growth. Something that the middle class desperately needs, so it doesn’t go extinct like clear Pepsi. 

Jump to the Biden presidency, and to be clear I have no clue what is going on in this economy.

The stock market is all over the place, gas prices are at an all-time high, and the way things are going an interest rate on a home loan will be at 53% by the time Aaron Judge signs his new contract.

You know that Jimmy Carter sent Joe Biden a letter that read “thank you for making me look not so bad.”

However the liberal media paints a different story and reports that the economy is going strong. Sleepy Joe has clung to this idea that the job market is red hot and growing. That we have more jobs than ever in the United States, even though a lot of high-end companies are laying off people like there’s no tomorrow. Nevertheless Joe Biden has assured us that the job market is strong. And that the “pandemic is over.” And that we’ll go to war with the Chinese over Taiwan.

The other two things got walked back, which I guess means the people who run the country while Joe eats his pudding think this is a boffo job market too. 

The issue I have with this is that when you really look at it, many of the jobs out there in Biden’s economy are either awful retail or fast food positions – aka low-tier service industry positions. Jobs that I would classify as part time, something you do to make money, or a job you take in high school to learn about making money.

The sad part is that liberals have brainwashed a lot of their followers into believing that these types of positions are career-type jobs that should come with a high paying salary. That a guy flipping a burger at McDonalds should be raking in $50K a year with health care and a 401K. They’ve even tried to unionize some of these gigs.

Interestingly there are people who think they should be making this kind of money at a McDonalds or a Walmart. To them I say, why not try to work your way up the corporate ladder? A lot of big companies such as Walmart and Target do offer opportunities for people to get off the burger-flipping line and into a management program. Companies love these types of success stories, but nowadays they almost never happen.

Why? One would say because the crazy left has created this culture of “I want to do the bare minimum and a subpar job, but get paid as much as the CEO of the company because that’s fair.” Have you heard of “quiet quitting?” It’s actually a thing. And it stinks for everybody.

How ’bout this attitude?

These people need to come down to a little place I like to call reality island. So here is a list of a couple jobs that are not “career positions” but more “gig work.” 

Burger Flipper – I mean the name pretty much describes why this is not a career job. Now if you’re cooking magic burgers that can, say, cure cancer and solve world hunger maybe we can get you that $.50 raise you’ve been asking for. 

Cashier – The only reason I tried this job when I was in High School was to score the discount. Now granted these people probably handle money better than Wall Street, but still you’re just telling people to keep inserting their card because it can’t read the chip. 

Store Stocker – You put stuff on shells high enough that little old ladies can’t reach it. Also whenever I ask you where something is, you have no clue or you just pretend you don’t work there. 

Uber or Lyft – I mean do I really have to say anything about this? The commercials literally say this is a “make a little extra money gig.” This is not a career. Also in the long run you end up making less money due to the wear and tear you put your car through.