Thursday, April 18, 2024

Candace Owens pulls no punches in hard-hitting BLM exposé

This is not the kind of press Black Lives Matter leaders would ever want to see. But firebrand conservative Candace Owens went there, and went there hard.

In The Daily Wire’s new documentary ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,’ released on Wednesday, Owens rips to shreds the notion that BLM has ever been more than a shill of an organization whose leaders actually have very little interest in improving the lives of black Americans. Except for their own lives, of course.

Owens also hammers the mainstream media for their distortions of epic proportions regarding the 2020 death of career criminal and strung-out drug addict George Floyd, as she paints a true portrait of who the man really was, exposing the absurdity of charges being levied against the Minneapolis police officers who were involved in the incident. Former officer Derek Chauvin now sits in a Minnesota prison having been hastily convicted of murder, presumably in an attempt to appease the BLM rioters who took to the streets immediately following the incident. It didn’t work.

Describing the documentary, Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro said “Candace goes through everything regarding the George Floyd killing, as well as the Black Lives Matter-associated movement that poured tens of millions of dollars into the pockets of people who look like they pretty much just absconded with the cash.”

And Owens has the receipts to prove it. What she discovered on the group’s 990 IRS filing was mind numbing.

In the months following the death of Floyd, BLM acquired donations to the tune of nearly $80 million from myriad entities who were supposedly eager to denounce what they saw as police brutality and racism. Simultaneously, riots and lootings raged across the nation, causing billions of dollars in damages, yet not even long overdue bills on the property where Floyd had been living were addressed.

To find out what the money was being used for, Owens recently took to the streets of Minneapolis to speak to residents and found little or no evidence of neighborhood improvements or even clean-up following the months-long rampage.

“Ready for some ‘BLM pride’?” Owens  asks rhetorically. Instead of the donations being used to actually help people, “Another $200K went to BDSM workers, escorts, strippers, peep show workers, phone sex operators and webcam performers.”

She also found that a large chunk of the money was also used by Patrice Cullors, BLM’s 39-year-old founder and former leader, on renovations to her $1.4 million home in Topanga Canyon, Calif., that included a “plunge pool” and backyard sauna.

How that serves to improve the lives of black Americans I suppose we’ll never know.

Owens also described how as she began to question the media spin on these topics on social media, she found herself under fire. But it looks like after two years of digging, she’s now winning the battle.

“Not only am I going to say the truth, I am going to scream the truth louder than you can scream the lies,” Owens promised in the film’s trailer. And she did, loud and clear.

After watching Owens’ ‘Lies’ documentary, you will likely never view the mainstream media in the same way again.

That’s a good thing.

And it’s about time.

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