Friday, May 24, 2024

Dems Abandon Texas Border Congressional Races (Like They’ve Abandoned The Border Itself)

Follow the money. This is an old but often true saying. People lie, Politicians lie, but rarely are individuals or corporations willing to waste money on their lies. Money often tells you more about truth than words or rhetoric.

The national leadership of the Democratic party has made it very clear in the last several weeks with their actions, they are giving up on multiple races in Southern Texas even in areas where the Democrats have historically had advantages.

Democrats in Texas have become increasingly angry over the last month as the intentions of the DNC to abandon these likely critical races have become clear. Texas Democratic Chair Gilberto Hinojosa recently said, “I hope they change their mind, if we lose the election, it’s completely on them.” The Texas chairman was commenting on the decision by the national leadership of the Democratic Party to not allocate funds to key South Texas races where Democrats have historically been strong. 

As time and resources become more important the closer we get to election time, national groups are forced to make tough choices about where to allocate their funds, and the decision by the DNC to other Democratic groups to give up on these key races speaks volumes for several reasons. This decision also comes after Texas Republicans have already been heavily outraising and outspending the Democrats in these races for months. Republicans are specifically targeting the 28th, 15th, and 34th District in Texas, the Republican candidates in these races have outraised their opponents by over $2 million collectively over the last several months.

First, this shows what people who don’t sit around watching just CNN and MSNBC have known for a while, the border is open, and the political cost of an open border will be significant for the Democrats, particularly in races in places like South Texas. All the data shows border crossings are still at very high historic levels,  with August border crossings at record levels accord to US Customs and Border Protection Data. Many border towns such as El Paso have been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants flooding their towns.

It has gotten so bad, even Democrats such Henry Cuellar have taken to going on Fox News to talk about how their districts have been overrun by illegals because of the open border. Cuellar suddenly had his house raided by the FBI in January of this year, which isn’t surprising knowing what we know about the corrupt culture within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (not to mention Democrat politicians generally).

Second, these developments show that the Democrats are not doing as well in many areas with the Latino vote as some may think they are. These races are in a predominantly Hispanic part of Texas, and the decision by the Democratic national leadership to give up on these races so how limited the party’s outreach to the Latino community really is.

Republicans gained significant ground with the Latino community in South Texas in 2020, and the Republican party is now building on the success they had 2 years ago. The left’s socialist and open border policies have alienated many in the Latino community, particularly in border areas like South Texas.  A good example of this is in Starr County in South Texas. Obama won this county by 73 points in 2012, Hillary won this area by 60 points in 2016, but Biden won this county by just 2 points in 2020. It was well reported that the Biden campaign had no specific national outreach plan to Latinos, and the Hispanic community is not well-represented within Biden’s administration.

As races go down to the wire, tough decisions at the national level by both parties have to be made. Texas Democrats have been sounding alarms over the growing strength of the Republican Party in South Texas for a while, but they’ve been repeatedly ignored by the leadership of the Democratic Party. As the battle to control the House comes down to the wire, Republicans are in strong shape to take several races in South Texas in 2022.