Saturday, May 18, 2024

General Motors Loves Two Things: Electric Vehicles and Taxpayer Money

General Motors (GM) accepts huge amounts of taxpayer money and, as if strings are attached, they now pimp Electric Vehicles (EVs), which are the federal government’s preferred method of transportation.  

As CNBC reported this week, GM intends to sell nearly 200,000 EVs to car rental company Hertz and had to close reservations for a high-end all electric Hummer. GM also hired NBA star LeBron James and TikTok influence Breland to market EVs.

With that said, General Motors also doesn’t mind asking taxpayers to help keep their company afloat. It’s a constitutional right, one GM spokesman said 10 years ago after the company accepted $50 billion in federal bailout money. The company also lobbies state governments for their taxpayer dollars. And state governments give millions to GM. At the same time, GM had a cash reserve of $35 billion but would not address why it needed millions of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

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Could EV’s thrive in a pure free market, where crony capitalism doesn’t exist?  

As RVIVR reported in July, members of President Joe Biden’s administration this year announced they’re investing billions of dollars into new EV chargers, but no one involved wants to address how this technology still has three potential hiccups.    

One, does America’s energy grid have enough juice to power EVs, and if not now then when?

Two, do Americans drive enough EVs to justify this investment?

And, three, why can’t the free market — and not government bureaucrats — settle these issues, and, perhaps more importantly, without taxpayer money?

Members of the Biden administration, in a press release said they want more than 250,000 EV chargers built per year. They said this initiative, with a $700 million investment from the private sector, will create more than 2,000 jobs, and “make EV charging more affordable, accessible, and equitable.” 

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But Biden and other principle players will also spend a dramatically higher amount of money on EVs, as furnished by the taxpayers.  

Biden wants EVs to make up 50 percent of new vehicles sold in 2030. 

Top-level brass at the Nashville Electric Service (NES) has for years encouraged and incentivized their customers to buy EVs. Citing high summer temperatures, NES officials recently asked customers to use less electricity. RVIVR asked NES officials if Nashville has a strong enough power grid to power a greater number of EVs on the road, but the people at the top dodged our questions.

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