Sunday, February 25, 2024

Harris denies blatant support of Minnesota Freedom Fund

Vice President Kamala Harris tried to characterize her support of the Minnesota Freedom Fund as “misinformation” during an interview in Minneapolis-St. Paul on Friday.

Harris was in Minnesota for a fundraiser for Democrat Gov. Tim Walz that happened to coincide with a pro-abortion event with Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, which she also attended to support.

After the death of George Floyd, The Minnesota Freedom Fund raised millions of dollars, pledging to use the money to help bail out protesters. In an August, 2020 interview, however, the former executive director of the organization admitted only about a dozen protesters requested assistance from the Fund. Since its inception, the Fund has bailed out a long list of violent and dangerous criminals.

GOP challenger Dr. Scott Jensen was also present during Friday’s events and clarified what the Minnesota Freedom Fund is really about. He noted that Walz’ rally was being held on the very site of a murder committed just five months ago on May 20 by a suspect who had been bailed out by the Fund just weeks prior.

“Vice President Harris personally advocated for an organization that sets criminals free — even one who allegedly committed murder right here at this very light rail station,” Jensen noted.” We won’t see the vice president come here to be held to account because she is more focused on prioritizing closed-door fundraisers and rallies with far-left activists. Out-of-touch priorities like this are just another example of why our movement to heal Minnesota is so strong and growing,”

In a June, 2020, tweet that is still online, Harris urged her supporters to donate to the Fund to “help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

But on Friday, Harris described the GOP’s criticism as “misinformation.”

Misinformation? Sometimes, you lie so often and so elaborately you forget what you said. 

Right, Kamala?