Sunday, February 25, 2024

Herschel Walker Ties Raphael Warnock In Latest Poll

On the heels of stronger-than-expected debate performance, Republican Herschel Walker has virtually tied Democrat U.S. Senate Raphael Warnock in Georgia. The poll, done by Landmark Communications, showed Warnock with 46.1% to Walker’s 46%. Libertarian Chase Oliver had 3.4% of the vote and 1.6% were undecided.

Walker’s tie has come despite the latest Democrat attacks on him on abortion. They have been alleging that Walker paid for his girlfriend’s abortion over a decade ago. Walker denies the claims.

Warnock has also come under attack for his support of President Joe Biden’s agenda. The left-wing data website FiveThirtyEight shows that Warnock votes with Biden 96% of the time. Another recent poll taken last month shows Biden to be very unpopular in Georgia with just 37% approval.

The most likely result in the U.S. Senate race is a runoff because in order to win outright in Georgia a candidate must get 50%+1. With these numbers, I just don’t see how either Walker or Warnock reach 50%.

In other Georgia statewide races, Republicans lead all of them. Governor Brian Kemp is cruising to reelection with 51.2% of the state vs Democrat election denier Stacey Abrams who receives just 44.6% of the vote. Libertarian Shane Hazel receives 2.3% of the vote and 1.9% are undecided.

Republicans similarly lead in the races for Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General.

Georgia, a traditionally Republican state, was won by Joe Biden by 11,779 votes in 2020. Republicans would later go on to lose both U.S. Senate runoffs in January 2021.

The Republican losses in 2020-21, along with demographic changes and Republican infighting in the state, had Democrats believing they could do very well in November in the state. But with just three weeks away from Election Day it is increasingly likely that dreams of a blue Georiga just aren’t materializing.

Early voting began in Georgia yesterday.