Saturday, May 25, 2024

Hunter’s Sex Life Is Now Hazardous To National Security

My son did nothing wrong,”

– Joe Biden, CNN, October 15. 2019

Just when you thought our favorite middle-aged naked selfie aficionado and presidential spawn was too busy smoking crack, selling pay-for-play to the Chinese, and producing barf-rated homemade porn, and this cartoonish parody of a trailer park godfather could not get any dumber, the prince in waiting goes on and gets caught with a Chinese spy (allegedly. But he did).

JiaQi Bao was a former Chinese government researcher, with alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In a communist society like China or North Korea (Which we have a strong and enduring relationship with) you do not work for the government unless you are a member of the communist party.

No exceptions. 100% affirmative action only, all communists all the time.

In Mandarin, the word researcher is pronounced: “he who steals designs from USA and Israel”.

It’s a weird dialect, I know.

That’s what happens when you kill off everyone with an IQ over 80 and wearing eyeglasses. The intellectual pool gets mighty shallow.

And just when you think it can’t get any shallower and you just know it’s less than 10 percent water and 90 percent kid pee, Hunter puts on a snorkel, arm floaties, and dive bombs into it.

According to the book “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win” by Peter Schweitzer, Hunter and The Big Guy went into business with Patrick Ho, head of Chinese energy oil conglomerate CEFC in 2017. The Bidens made tens of millions in profits in the following year leveraging Hunter’s expertise in, er, something, but Mr. Ho specialized in being a middle man between influential people and Hunter’s been offering similar services for some time.

The same Patrick Ho was arrested by the FBI in November 2017 on bribery charges after a year-long espionage investigation.

Trying to bribe UN diplomats through a network of spies, millionaires, and middlemen. Sentenced to three years in jail but kept on working for the Bidens through that time and his time in jail.

The same dude Hunter himself described on the laptop from hell as ” the spy chief of China.”

Nah, a business relationship like that could not threaten American security. No chance at all.

Jiaqi Bao was assigned to Hunter by Patrick Ho and she continued working with the world’s leading middle man until the business relationship between the Bidens and CEFC was terminated.

She is described as a secretary but there appear no records of her ever being paid by Hunter, she was assigned to a position by CEFC and was still employed by CEFC while “working” for Hunter.

That’s more of a handler or minder position than a secretary.

JiaQi Bao does not seem to fit the profile of a person making a living scheduling flights and picking up dry cleaning.

A graduate of Arizona State with a dual degree in accounting and finance, JiaQi went on to Tsinghua University in Beijing (on a CCP government scholarship – not a spy at all, because communist countries are known for offering to pay for three years of school as well as room and board to people without getting anything in return) to receive a masters degree in an unknown specialty.

Tsinghua University has been linked to hacker networks conducting industrial espionage on US soil and is China’s leading PLA (People’s Liberation Army) contractor, operating eight major defense laboratories.

This is not your friendly community college.

After completing her schooling, JiaQi went on to work in several high-profile firms, including Credit Suisse, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and OneGate Capital.

She even spent some time working at China’s National Development and Reform Commission, known locally as the “mini-state council” for the extreme amount of influence it has over life in mainland China.

As a ‘researcher”.

No, not a spy at all.

During the time working for The Big Guy’s unfortunate accident, Jiaqi listed her occupation as “hedge fund manager.”

A bit strange for a secretary. But, definitely not a spy.

In the following months, it seems that Hunter ran out of Ukrainian prostitutes and developed a romantic relationship with the Chinese not-a-spy in question.

Multiple flirty recordings on the laptop from hell, combined with the texts that the two crack-struck lovers exchanged, point to the absolute irresistibility Hunter holds over the weaker sex.

Still a step up from dating your dead brother’s wife, or claiming poverty to avoid supporting a stripper you knocked up.

The relationship progressed to the point where Jiaqi offered Hunter business advice, wore his Navy dog tags, and provided him Chinese-generated opposition research on Trump.

Most of that research was not used since, to be frank, it was pretty subpar compared to the stories generated by the FBI.

Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky compared the situation to a spy movie.

And when you combine this disgusting story (anything involving Hunter Biden should have an X-rated warning and come combined with a bottle of penicillin) with Dianne Feinstein’s driver and Eric Swalwell’s (who is still on the House Intelligence Committee, amazingly) Fang Fang romance, you have to agree – the Democrats have a Chinese spy problem.

Even our government considers China the most active espionage actor in the United States.

But, to be honest, this movie is stupid, it’s boring and it’s depressing. Could we please go back to Obama’s policy of just sharing state secrets with our enemies in daily briefings?