Thursday, April 18, 2024

Liberal Organization Scams Hurricane Ian Survivors To Attack Republicans

Being a Florida resident and seeing the damage that Hurricane Ian caused makes a story like this more personal. There are people that lost everything in a matter of hours and now for them, every day is a struggle.

Governor Ron DeSantis has done an outstanding job coordinating relief efforts for the areas that were hit the hardest. Including constructing temporary roadways to areas such as Pine and Sanibel Islands in record time. His staff was organizing days before the storm hit, staging crews within the state to reestablish power as soon as possible, temporary living arrangements, and medical personnel.

As expected, some liberals have criticized his handling of the disaster. Of course, what did you expect them to do. Naturally, the “Know It All” liberal types have no idea what they are talking about. They ignore the fact that the storm jogged to the right and entered the state on the west coast much further south than had been predicted for days. The storm was expected to enter the Tampa Bay area, but instead made landfall at Cayo Costa near Ft. Meyers which is ninety miles south. In spite of that change in course, under extremely difficult conditions, aid reached the pummeled region swiftly.

Yesterday it became public that the bottom-feeding left was at it again. Knowing the damage that was done and the suffering of the people, the liberal left were exposed for scamming donations and funneling them to aid Democrat candidates.

Under the guise of collecting donations on a website called set up by a “progressive” group calling themselves Florida Rising, money was taken from good-hearted people that believed they were donating to help those in need. Instead, they had unsuspectingly donated to a liberal shell game.

Here is where we have to follow the bouncing ball. As I stated, the website was set up by Florida Rising. The money was then collected through ActBlue, which is a website that raises funds for Democrat candidates. After taking their share of the money, it then ended up with a third group called “Florida For All” which is funded by Florida Rising. Florida For All then purchased over $100,000 in ads attacking Republican politicians running for office in Florida.

This disgusting violation of trust was exposed by the DeSantis War Room, which is part of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’s reelection campaign. It went on to call Florida Rising a “far-left revolutionary syndicate dedicated to demonizing law enforcement, defunding police, promoting “safe” drug abuse, and threatening political violence.” It should be noted that the group was recently condemned by thirty Florida sheriffs for their anti-police propaganda.

The DeSantis War Room also clarified that is not a registered charity. It’s nothing more than another dirty chapter in the filthy liberal diary.

If you can steal from people after a catastrophic storm, what’s next, pilfering from a blind man’s cup?