Tuesday, April 23, 2024

On Last Week’s Glorious MSNBC Jan. 6 Smackdown…

I always love watching the talking heads at MSNBC and The Communist News Network getting caught up in the web of lies that they have spun. Rarely though is there such a stunning case as was on display last week.

MSNBC had arranged for a focus group discussion in Pittsburgh.  The topic was the massively overhyped January 6th protest.  The Marxist left loves to call it an “insurrection,” which is a term associated with violence. They ignore the fact that the only violence was the unnecessary shooting of an unarmed vet by an overreacting Capitol Hill police officer. Yet these are the same people that call the burning and looting of businesses “peaceful demonstrations.”

I’m sure MSNBC assumed that they would simply steamroll these people with intimidation, inuendo and outright lies. What happened instead was they were exposed for the liars they are. This group literally eviscerated every single untrue talking point that they tried to make and it was absolutely beautiful to watch.

Elise Jordan was the correspondent that MSNBC sent to do the interview and from the very beginning she was over matched.

She began by stating that Doug Mastriano the Republican candidate for Governor was at the “insurrection” and was seen attempting to “breech” restricted areas, implying that his presence there should disqualify him. She was quickly corrected though by one member of the group who asked, “Which area?” He then followed his question up with “Because I saw video where Capitol officers were taking away barriers and unlocking doors.”

The group then unanimously agreed that his presence at a peaceful demonstration in the People’s House was perfectly acceptable. They then stated that the only violence was the shooting of an unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt.

This prompted Jordan to say, “A police officer did die.” However, that lie which  has been repeated ad nauseum by the left, was quickly corrected by the group.

No, they said, he died from a stroke, not even on site. It had nothing to do with the demonstration.

For the record, since Joe Biden recently falsely claimed that five police officers died on January 6th, let’s get the truth out there.

Officer Brian Sicknick died of a stroke on January 7th, officer Howard Liebengood died on January 9th by suicide, officer Jeffrey Smith died on January 15th by suicide, officer Gunther Hashida who was found dead on January 29th was ruled a suicide and officer Kyle DeFreytag was found dead in July. His death was also ruled a suicide.

(Is it just me or does anyone else think that four officers committing suicide, three within the month of January is highly suspicious?)

Back to the focus group.

Clearly realizing that she is not prepared for the ten intelligent people in front of her, Jordan looking like a deer in the headlights, attempted to falsely impose a sense of seriousness about the that day by asking:

“So what do you make, though, overall of January 6?” “I mean, it was, watching that footage, it was pretty disturbing,” she added. “I mean, there were people throwing excrement at the walls, and it was, you know, it was the Capitol.”

The group wasn’t having any of that nonsense either.

“It was a lot like Antifa’s actions,” one woman replied while another panelist added, “Except on a much smaller scale, it looked the same as the Black Lives Matter riots.”

Desperate now, Jordan attempted to retaliate by stating:

“So it’s ok if just because, just because one group that you don’t agree with.”

Her voice tailed off as she was interrupted by the group. They again stated that it was largely a very peaceful demonstration and there were people being held as political prisoners for misdemeanors. They then emphasized that point by comparing what was being done to East Germany.

Clearly defeated at this point, Jordan meekly asked; “Do you think President Trump could have quelled the violence that day?”

This again was quickly dismissed by the group by asking, how could he? He was giving a speech at the time. 

In fact, several members of the group attended his speech. One member pointed out that she had stayed until the end of the President’s speech at which time he said, Let’s head over to the Capitol and let our voices peacefully be heard. She then added that when they arrived at the Capitol everything had already taken place.

After watching Jordan’s interaction with the focus group, Joe Scarborough was left dazed and confused, but still able to lie without flinching.

“I really don’t know where to start here, and that again, they’re saying it just that they were mainly peaceful protests and that nobody died except for a protester. There are four cops who died and one of those cops died after an interaction there. I don’t really know, this is just one of these moments, and again, I have friends and family members that think like this,” Scarborough added. “I don’t know where they’re getting their information.”

They’re obviously not getting their information from you Joe, or any of your lying talking heads.

Bye the way, the information that you so quickly disregard is called “Truth.” 

You know nothing about that, because you wouldn’t recognize truth if it introduced itself to you and shook your hand.