Monday, May 20, 2024

Pfizer To Raise Price of Covid Vaccine Fourfold

In order to meet revenue demands for a market that increasingly doesn’t want their ineffective, toxic jab, Pfizer executive Angela Larkin said that the price will go from about $30 to up to $130, according to Reuters

Pfizer Inc expects to roughly quadruple the price of its COVID-19 vaccine to about $110 to $130 per dose after the United States government’s current purchase program expires, Pfizer executive Angela Lukin said on Thursday.

Lukin said she expects the vaccine – currently provided for free to all by the government – will be made available at no cost to people who have private insurance or government paid insurance.

“We are confident that the U.S. price point of the COVID-19 vaccine reflects its overall cost effectiveness and ensures the price will not be a barrier for access for patients,” Lukin said.

It is not yet clear what kind of access people without health insurance will have to the vaccine.

Pfizer said it expects the COVID-19 market to be about the size of the flu shot market on an annual basis for adults, but that the pediatric market would take longer to build based on shots given so far.

This will go into effect after the current program that the US government has on the shots expires, and the bill will head either back to the government again, to private insurance, or both.

This comes immediately after the CDC unanimously recommended adding the Covid jab to the routine immunization schedule.

Poor Pfizer isn’t predicted to be profiting enough off of their experimental, mass distributed product, so they will just raise the tab, riding, and encouraging, the wave of inflation like so many others.