Sunday, May 19, 2024

The NHL Says It Employs Too Many White People

I’m about to write something that is going to be shocking from a Louisiana boy, I’m a hockey fan. I enjoy how fast-paced and physical the game is. Okay, I also like the fights.

But it seems that the woke communist crowd is now targeting the NHL. The NHL just released a report that essentially says they’re employing too many white people.

Much of the report focuses on hiring practices around the NHL that were evaluated through a focused workplace demographic study.

There have been positive steps, according to the report. The league partnered with Jopwell, a diversity hiring startup, to expand its talent pool and hired a full-time director of recruiting in late 2021 with a focus on attracting more diverse talent. The NHL coaches association created mentoring programs for women and BIPOC candidates, while the AHL’s 2021-22 roster of on-ice officials includes 10 women. Five women are now assistant general managers in the NHL, and San Jose’s Mike Grier became the first Black GM in league history.

“This is a good start, but nobody is taking a victory lap,” said Kim Davis, the NHL’s executive vice president of social impact, growth and legislative affairs. “We did this because we wanted to put a stake in the ground. Being transparent and being held accountable isn’t as scary as it may have felt three years ago. I hope that [the governors] see that their leadership matters. Going back to talk to their C-suite executives about this has made a difference.”

But there are still large demographic inequities in the NHL. According to the report, 83.6% of employees across the NHL and its teams are white, 4.17% Asian, 3.74% Black, 3.71% Hispanic/Latino and 0.5% Indigenous, while 2.48% of employees opted not to answer. The report also found that 65.44% of interns and fellowships in the NHL are white, while 69.6% of human resources departments are white.

The report found that 61.86% of workers around the NHL identify as men, with 36.81% identifying as women. Those numbers change dramatically when it comes to employees in marketing, branding and content, as 52.72% identify as male and 46.2% identify as female.

Four in 10 NHL fans in the U.S. are female, according to research cited in the report.

According to the report, 93.14% of the NHL’s workforce identifies as straight or heterosexual, 1.52% as bisexual, 1.12% as gay and 0.81% as lesbian.

The fact the NHL’s workforce is overwhelmingly white should not be a surprise to anyone who follows hockey. Hockey is a sport mostly played by Eastern Europeans, Scandinavians, Russians, Canadians, and the northern U.S. These are places that are generally not known for their racial diversity.

But instead of acknowledging reality, the NHL wants to try and strong-arm black people and other non-whites into playing hockey. Forget that most black athletes would rather play sports like football and basketball. They have to be steered into playing hockey because too many white people play the sport and that’s apparently a bad thing.

It seems every major corporation and big business has an overpaid grifter on staff preaching the tenets of Marxist-inspired Critical Race Theory and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” nonsense. At the NHL that woman is Kim Davis. As you can guess, she is a professional CRT and DEI hustler who has grifted large sums of money from large corporations and nonprofits.

I am a sports fan in general. I like to watch football and basketball as well. Do you know what thought has never crossed my mind? That there are too many black people playing and we need to “fix that.”

That’s because it’s a racist thought. Why is it any different if you essentially say you have too many white people on staff? That seems pretty racist to me.

I’m a firm believer that people should be employed based on merit, not because of their skin color. It’s sad to see the NHL believe otherwise.