Sunday, May 19, 2024

Top 10 Things Joe Biden Whispers Into Kids’ Ears

When Joe Biden became president, I thought it was just going to be a boring four years with just the media praising his every move. Instead, this has been what many are calling an amazing crash-and-burn.

If this was a Republican president somebody would have already made three movies about Joe Biden in office. Let’s not forget that Hollywood did this when Trump was in office, when they released a little film called “The Comey Rule.” President Biden in always in the news these days for having strange interview spacey moments. He doesn’t know the difference between two and three words as was proven when he said “made in America” was two words. You saw that, right?

Recently he was caught on camera again whispering into a little kid’s ear. Let’s be honest: folks that are really weird, even Freddy Krueger would be like, “Dude, ease up on the kids.” 

It has even gotten to the point where his secret service tries to stop people from filming him in these moments. Which to me clearly reiterates that he might just be too old to be president.

Proposed new rule: politicians should have to resign when they hit retirement age. Or at least have to submit to periodic cognitive tests when they get that old.

It’s interesting that our “leaders” aren’t affected by this rule and can run for office well into their 100’s. Of course, maybe they wouldn’t acknowledge this for President Biden due to the fear of what would happen if the Vice President took over.

We’re in a weird version of a political “Saw” horror movie. We as the people have a choice to make, do we let a senior citizen continue to ruin the country, or does a vice president nuke the country? 

With that being said after many hours of research and some investigating reporting, here are rumored to be the top ten things that President Joe Biden has whispered into kids’ ears. 

10 – “No serious guys until your 30 – and make sure they don’t keep everything on a laptop like my son did.” 

9 – “They give me ice cream whenever I remember I’m president.”

8-  “Hey kid, can we be friends on MySpace?” 

7 – “I have two words for you. Barney the Dinosaur is a person in a costume.”

6 – “We can order an ice cream bar at my Trump Tower Hotel room, you know.”

5-  “I see dead people that used to hold office.”

4 – “Barack is a cool president. He’s very clean. Wanna meet him?” 

3 – “I’m Joe the Plumber. That was me all along. I’ll show you my butt-crack if you’re really good.”

2 – “This is a shoulder massage move I learned from John F Kennedy.”

1 – “Hey, little girl, you have hair like Nancy Pelosi. I should know – she lets me wash it.”