Monday, December 11, 2023

Turns Out Nobody Cares About the Metaverse

Do you remember Decentraland, the 3D metaverse virtual world where people can log in and engage with “real estate”, NFTs, and smart contracts all with their crypto currency as both a game and an investment? Yeah, I had forgotten about it as well.

Per a report circulating around the first week of October, 2022, there are about 38 daily users on the platform.

For an over $1.2B market cap, this might be a bit alarming, or hilarious, depending on whether or not you invested.

DappRadar is responsible for the data that suggests this, and Decentraland was quick to respond, calling the info “misinformation” and that there are really a lot more users on the platform.

The distinction seems to come from how many users are engaging in the virtual world with smart contracts, versus how many users are logging in and being active without making deals.

Either way, this idea that was propped up and promoted by Mark Zuckerberg (see this 3 minutes video for a summary of his disturbing vision) as a way for us to incorporate virtual and augmented reality, e-commerce, recreation, and business into our regular lives is fizzling out.

It seems that most people don’t want to attend virtual concerts with their online friends, create robot avatars for themselves to attend remote work meetings, and buy non-fungible (intangible) tokens with their hard earned money. 

For people that don’t spend all day, every day, all year, online, this seems obvious. For those that wish a stay-at-home-plugged-in dystopia on the common, working class folks, this disengagement is no doubt a healthy blow to their metaglobalist agenda.