Sunday, July 21, 2024

What if Ukraine War Goes Nuclear?

As pandemic fears are somewhat quieted, another threat is gaining attention. New Jersey transit buses are bearing the message below:

These appeared days after similar ads were placed in New York City subways, two months after the message appeared on poster boards in New Jersey shopping malls, and just before New York City Emergency Management created a TV Public Service Announcement telling New Yorkers what to do if a nuclear bomb hits. It is unlikely that officials are doing this for no reason.

These ads are likely to cause panic but lack the most basic information that could save millions of lives outside the zone of complete destruction. Most important: If you see a bright flash, drop to the ground behind or under any available cover.

Staying “tuned” is likely to be impossible unless you have a battery-powered radio, and officials are likely to be completely unprepared to help. Appropriate radiation monitoring instruments were discarded in the 1990s—and there won’t be one near where you are unless you have one yourself.

What you can do: