Tuesday, July 16, 2024

BREAKING: Driver Plows Into Crowd Of Police Recruits, 11 In Critical Condition

Police recruits out for a morning jog were run down in Whittier California this morning. Early reports say that as many as 15 may have been struck with 11 in critical condition. The incident took place at 6:30 Pacific time.

A suspect is in custody, but no other details have been released.

The recruits attend the Sheriffs Training Academy and Regional Services (STARS) which is approximately two miles from where the accident occurred.

A neighbor that lives in the area said the recruits often jog in large groups wearing reflective vests.

Two were taken via medevac helicopter and the others by ambulance to local hospitals.

The cause of the accident is unknown. The driver was given a sobriety test, the results of which are also unknown.