Saturday, May 18, 2024

Can’t Beat ‘Em? Cheat ‘Em!

Halloween was a few weeks ago, but the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) thinks that it should be practiced all year.

I’m old enough to remember when a woman’s rights were a big deal. Now though, not so much. Women’s athletics are suffering under liberal rules that are allowing men to unfairly compete against women. This is so profoundly appalling and beyond the boundaries of common sense, that the fact that it is occurring should shake us all to the core.

The latest example of this madness  is taking place in Seattle. There is a male runner, Aspen Hoffman, who was a failure last year competing against other males, now identifies as a female and is dominating the girls he is competing against.

How outrageous is this? Well Hoffman, who is a sophomore, ran on the boys cross country team last year and in the conference finals 5,000-meter run, he finished in 72nd place.

That all changed of course this year, when this coward  began to identify as a female so he could instead compete against young women.

So this gutless, big man on campus, has gone from goat to a legend in his own mind. He finished first against the girls this year and in the district meet finished second to help his team qualify for state.

For the record, his first-place time would have only placed 48th against other boys.

But wait! As if the very concept of boys competing against girls or men against women isn’t moronically ridiculous, wait until you hear what the WIAA has to say.

“Athletes will participate in programs consistent with their gender identity or the gender most consistently expressed. School personnel responsible for student eligibility will work collaboratively with the student-athlete to determine eligibility.”

In something the WIAA calls its “Gender Diverse Sports Inclusivity Toolkit” the WIAA insists that males have no competitive advantages over females, in fact they claim that the presence of boys in girls’ sports “has not been shown to diminish opportunities for others.”

How blind can these fools be? Of course it diminishes the opportunities for others. In this case alone, there is a true female athlete that didn’t make the team because this candy-ass took her place.

Also, how about the exhilaration of winning that this wimp is depriving others of experiencing.

These clowns have even eliminated the need to prove that the person is “transitioning.” Not that it should matter, they are still male, no matter what type of dress up game they choose to play. Genetics don’t change and chromosomes don’t lie.

Someone needs to explain the meaning of the word “Inclusion” to these mindless simpletons. This boy was not “excluded” from the boys team, therefore he was “included.”

Just because he wasn’t as good as he thought he was, doesn’t give him the right to trespass onto territory where he doesn’t belong. His denial of reality should not damage others that accept it. He is ruining the experiences of these young women and there is nothing “Inclusive” about denying that.

This is a sickness that needs to be treated, but never encouraged.