Friday, July 12, 2024
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Democratic Congressman Makes Baffling Remark About Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) said Nancy Pelosi is the greatest House speaker in American history.

Cohen said this in a press release published late last week. 

“It has been an honor to serve with Nancy Pelosi. She has been my leader – either as Speaker or Minority Leader – for my entire time in Congress and has been the greatest Speaker in the history of our nation,” Cohen said. 

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“She is effective with politics and fine-tuned with policy, helping the American people, and making major advances in health care, climate change, education, civil rights and social justice. I am very pleased she is staying on to impart her wisdom and experience. In the new Congress, we will continue espousing traditional American values. As Speaker Pelosi often says, ‘It’s all about the children.’”

Pelosi said last week she would remain in the 118th Congress but would not seek a leadership position there.

As RVIVR reported in July, Cohen has a flair for drama and hate speech as he tries to incite his liberal base. Cohen that month suggested that states that want to enact pro-life policies are on the same level morally as states that legalized slavery more than 160 years ago.

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As a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, Cohen has clout, not only in Congress but also in the Democratic Party. 

Among Cohen’s past examples of hate and hyperbole:

• Two years ago Cohen said African-American Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) “might as well be” white and ridiculed the death of former presidential candidate Herman Cain. 

• Also in 2020, Cohen endorsed a video of actor Robert De Niro bragging he wanted to punch former President Donald Trump in the face.

• In 2018 Cohen compared U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to Adam Sander’s socially inept Waterboy character.

• In a public speech, also in 2018, Cohen wished for Blackburn to jump off the Harahan Bridge, which overlooks the Mississippi River and connects Arkansas to Tennessee. 

• In 2014, Cohen tweeted that the Ebola virus would mutate into a Biblical-style plague that would devastate Tennessee — unless, of course, the Republican majority Tennessee General Assembly complied fully with Obamacare and expanded Medicaid in the Volunteer State.

Cohen’s district includes most of Memphis. He has represented that district since 2007.

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