Friday, May 24, 2024

DON’T BE THIS GUY: GOP Candidate Tucks Tail Amid Suspicious Election Results

Here we have a perfect example of what is wrong with Republican candidates.

In New Hampshire’s 6th ward a Republican candidate Larry Gagne won by a total of 23 votes over the Democrat Maxine Mosley for a state House seat. Yet after a recount on Monday Mosley won by 1 vote, 1,799 to 1,798.

Gagne was surprised by the results: “It’s very unusual, especially in Manchester with the machines we have to make up 24 votes, we were winning by 23. I don’t know what happened.”

Surprised? How about being pissed!

With all of the shenanigans and down right manipulation Democrats have pulled in the most recent elections, this is an outrage.

Then Gagne added insult to injury by saying he doesn’t plan on challenging the results with the Election Commission.

“It’s God’s will, that’s my current thinking.”

Will someone please wake this guy up. He’s ahead by 23 votes then he “loses” by 1 vote? Then his response is to just roll over? It’s infuriating! What’s even more maddening was Mosley’s reaction.

“I am truly overwhelmed by the result of the recount. A swing of more than nine votes is rare in New Hampshire so this result is historic!”

So here is Gagne’s opponent saying that it is “Historic” and that a swing of 9 votes is rare in a recount, and yet he doesn’t think pursuing it is necessary.

Maybe he’s right. The seat is very important, but does the Republican party need another wimp? It’s inconceivable that a candidate would assemble a staff, run an entire campaign, and then just give up, when there are plenty of questions to be asked.

Making these results even more suspect is the fact that Will Infantine, a Republican that won the other seat in district 16, lost the same number of votes in a recount.

Infantine stated: “Clearly, there’s something wrong here. We just don’t magically both lose 24 votes like that.”

So two historic recounts in one election?

Hopefully the Republican party will challenge these results. They have until November 28th to do so. 

Nothing is a coincidence with the Democrats and just like Infantine said “Something is clearly wrong here.”