Sunday, February 25, 2024

Google Spyware Installed On One Million Android Devices

The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of a million Massachusetts residents against the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The suit alleges that the Department of Health conspired with Google to install “Spyware” on their Android devices, without their consent during the Covid pandemic.

The NCLA called this action a “Brazen disregard of civil liberties, stating that the app was installed without obtaining any search warrants in violation of the device owner’s constitutional and common law rights to privacy and property”

Unlike most apps, this one does not appear on the home screen when installed. The only way to find it is to open the settings file, or by some other happenstance.

One user, Dawn Driscoll wrote that “her device plan has very limited data, so she keeps certain features like location and Bluetooth turned off.” But she noticed those settings were continuously turning on. “So I went into my apps to check why and TADAAA! Whaddayaknow, this app is the culprit, and it installed SILENTLY! This could have cost me a lot of money had I not figured it out, like most people probably won’t. Seriously, Shady.”

Another user, Karla Murray wrote that “She caught the app installing covertly. I never installed this and never saw it until I went in to update apps. It definitely installed on its own and I believe I caught the tail end of it installing one day when I saw something saying finish installing and I could never find out what that was. Complete invasion of privacy!”

Peggy Little is the NCLA Senior Litigation Counsel. She stated:

“This android attack is deliberately designed to override the constitutional and legal rights of citizens to be free from government intrusions upon their privacy without their consent, reads like dystopian science fiction and must be swiftly invalidated by the court.”

Sheng Li, another litigator for the NCLA stated:

“The government may not secretly install surveillance devices on your personal property without a warrant, even for a laudable purpose. For the same reason, it may not install surveillance software on your smartphone without your awareness and permission.”

The NCLA suit is seeking for the court to order DPH and Google to uninstall the apps from the Android devices.

Who knows what other Orwellian plots social platforms and the Marxist left are using against us.