Thursday, July 18, 2024

Here Comes The Judge, Here Come The Lies

Have you ever wondered why police respond en masse when an officer is shot? Some believe that it’s an overreaction, that they care more about their coworkers than the general public.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The reason police take an officer being shot so seriously is because psychologically if a person will shoot a policeman that represents a figure of authority, they will not hesitate to shoot anyone. Most people, no matter what state of mind they’re in, will cease and desist once the police arrive. Those that don’t have crossed a mental line of reason, which makes them extremely dangerous to the public.

In the same way that we expect police to uphold the law in everyday life, we expect judges to interpret the law and adjudicate it fairly. To a judge, the law is their life blood. They spend most of their waking hours reading it, studying it and dispensing it after weighing all factors in the cases brought before them.

Which is what makes this particular incident extremely disturbing and one that I hope does not get swept under the nearest rug or result in just a wrist slap.

Last week, it came to light that back in August 2019, (I have no idea why it took so long to expose this) a judge from Michigan’s 36th judicial district verbally assaulted the owner of a bike shop.

The Judicial Tenure Commission has filed a public complaint against Wayne County Judge Demetria Brue over the incident.

In August of 2019 Brue was attending a conference on Mackinac Island, where she and a colleague rented bicycles. According to the complaint, when Brue and her colleague returned the bikes, Brue complained that there was something wrong with her bike and that they should not have to pay full price. After complaining to an employee of the shop, Brue moved on to the owner Ira Green, where according to the complaint, Brue repeatedly insisted that she was a judge.

As the disagreement continued, Brue eventually reached over the cash register, yanked the receipt out of Green’s hands and ripped it up. She then went on the following rant:

“You assaulted me, Did you just assault me? You took my receipt and tore it up. I want the police. Now we need the police. I am going to call them. You snatched my receipt and threw it away and grabbed my hand and you hurt me. You touched my hand with force and violence. I am a female. I am a judge. I am here for a conference and you, I am an African American female. That was racist, and it was disrespectful and it was violent.”

The police were called and a few minutes later officer Ken Hardy arrived at the shop. Initially, Brue repeated her lies to officer Hardy, but the security footage clearly showed Brue grabbing the receipt from Green and tearing it up. She also was forced to admit that Green did not assault her.

In the complaint filed against her the commission states that her actions violated 10 rules, including making a knowingly false statement to a police officer. In addition, the complaint states that Brue was dishonest in her answers to the commission during the investigation and failed to cooperate fully.

Brue’s current term expires in January 2027; however she need to be removed now. She also needs to be disbarred so that she cannot practice law in any manner going forward.

For those of you that think this is too severe lets go back over the facts. This person not only violated civil law, she also trampled on moral law. Before she ever grabbed the receipt she repeated several times that “she is a judge.” In other words, I’m special and you need to treat me accordingly. This unmitigated arrogance is just one tell tale sign of an out-of-control narcissist.

Then during her rant, she doesn’t “Stretch the truth” a little, she outright lies about what took place. Screams racism and accuses this poor bike shop owner of assault. Mr. Green did not tear up the receipt, she did. Mr. Green never touched her hand in any way and certainly never hurt her. Yet Brue screams “I am an African American female. That was racist, and it was disrespectful and it was violent.”

No, Judge Brue, You are the racist. You are the one that is disrespectful and violent.

This person is suffering from a huge false sense of entitlement. She has demonstrated that she is willing to use her race, gender, and position to get her way, no matter who’s life it damages. She has demonstrated that she is willing to tell bald face lies to authorities in an attempt to demonstrate her “supposed superiority.”

Can you imagine if this had been a white judge doing this to a black shop owner?

This person is not fit to sit on the bench judging others. She accused an innocent man of racism, assault, and violence. She then lied to the police, and the law commission and refused to cooperate with the investigation.

She did all of this over a disagreement on a bike rental. Would you trust her with life and death law decisions?  I wouldn’t.