Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Is A Little GOP Turmoil A Good Thing?

The darkness of the Democratic party has cast a shadow across our country. Stepping back, it’s almost difficult to believe the malignancy that is spreading throughout our society.

The Republican party at its core, I believe, represents the values of the majority of Americans. So how do you explain the midterm elections? What happened?

Let’s start with Donald Trump.

When he came on the scene in 2016, he was like a breath of fresh air. He wasn’t a politician. He spoke in plain language to the American people. No double speak, no talking around questions like all politicians do. His message was clear, he was placing America and the priorities of the country first. He would be undeterred, even if it meant exposing people on both sides of the aisle.

On his clear unwavering message, he was elected. That is where the paradox began that still exists today.

Trump did exactly what he said he would do. That fact in the world of politics, a world of empty promises, should have made him a hero to the entire nation.

Sadly, it didn’t. Trump had correctly labeled Washington “The Swamp,” but he couldn’t judge the depth and breadth of what he was wading into.

The mainstream media despised him despite the fact that they’d elevated him to the nomination in 2016 and profited greatly from the interest he sparked in politics during his time in office. Behind the scenes our media organs are owned by liberal puppeteers, but most people still trust what they hear. Trump was hammered daily, stalked relentlessly, and smeared at every turn. The focus never left him and it was always incredibly negative.

Trump, being who he is, disparaged the media daily. He didn’t back down, which made every single day of his presidency contentious. The fighting was so loud and continuous, it overshadowed his accomplishments. The media refused to give him credit for anything, even when the significant positive results were obvious.

Trump accomplished more for America than any president in recent history unfortunately, most people only remember the turmoil.

Trump became the classic case of a man with a great plan, and a horrible delivery. The fighting has given America a sense of battle fatigue. Now, even those that wholeheartedly believe in his vision understand that he must change his image. For that to happen Trump must maintain his vision, and entirely change his approach. If he doesn’t, he can’t win.

For someone to change, they must want to. Many in the Republican Party believe that Trump is incapable of changing his style. This has resulted in a division, where some would prefer he wouldn’t run again and others even shunning his endorsement.

So the question has become, how does the Republican party maintain its conservative values and its America first stance, while distancing itself from the perhaps-wrongly-perceived stigma of Trump?

There is a line in the Godfather II movie, that rings true. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Republicans must somehow learn to work with the media. The best intentions in the world are worthless if people don’t clearly understand them. This relationship must improve. Republicans must create cracks in the media wall. With a combination of honest education and a softer approach, this is possible, but it must take place partywide.

And it can’t happen like this…

Next, the Republicans must target and remove the Mitch McConnell’s and other RINO’s from the party’s roster of elected leaders. Trump targeted everyone, going forward the GOP must clean up its own house first.

The Democrats are wrong, but they are always united. The Republicans must replicate this. The scattergun approach does not work. This cleansing process will create turmoil, but it is essential.

The GOP must create not only a cohesive message, but also a cohesive team.

They must reach the media in a manner that is respectful, even though they currently show very little respect to conservatives.

Quoting another Godfather line, “We must make them an offer they can’t refuse.”