Saturday, April 20, 2024

Is America Allowing a Ruling Class to Rise Again?

The Boston Tea Party was lit. The shot heard around the world rang out from Lexington and Concord and made for a compelling story we won’t soon forget. The Surrender of Yorktown was historic in every sense of the word.  

What made those events happen? People with the conviction concluded that as long as an aristocracy ruled over them, where rules were different for the ruling class than they were for the commoners, their lives would never get better. They would never get better because those with more power would rig the system. 

America is built (literally and figuratively) on the mantra that we are “all created equal and endowed by our Creator …” I’m sure you know the rest. 

But, have we, as a nation, let that slip through our fingers? To answer that we have to ask whether there is a class of people who are allowed to get away with things other people would never be able to get away with. 

Of course, prosecutorial discretion sometimes slides into prosecutorial discrimination, but more than that, the rich and famous appear to be raising their foot to stomp on the necks of those below them, and politicians have amassed such a fortune with the help of the business tycoons that they’re allowing it to happen. 

The first person who comes to mind would be, of course, Hunter Biden. A recent document dump by Marco Polo shared more than 600 pages of data from the young(ish) Biden’s laptop in what can only be described as an assault on the eyes of anyone who sees it. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has an annual salary of $223,500 and a net worth of $120 million, causing Joe Rogan to question whether insider trading could be an issue with the speaker. Additionally, when fellow members of Congress suggested a trading ban for members of the legislative branch, Pelosi held up the bill. This was despite at least 75 times when lawmakers were caught breaking the stock trading laws currently in place. 

More recently Democrat Arizona gubernatorial candidate and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was called on to recuse herself from overseeing an election that she herself was involved in. She chose not to do so and as of a day after the election, has a suspicious lead in the vote count, contrasting with the polling data just over a week before the election that showed her opponent, Republican Kari Lake, with a double-digit lead in the polls. 

None of the potential crimes listed above are conjecture. This doesn’t take into account the potential nefarious dealings of Dr. Anthony Fauci. It doesn’t answer the question of what Microsoft founder Bill Gates is doing with more farmland than any other individual in America, totaling over 270,000 fertile acres. It also doesn’t answer any questions about why it is so important to climate change activists that children become accustomed to eating worms and insects as a “sustainable protein.” 

The above references are just the blatant miscarriages of justice that are easily proven to be preferential treatment to politicians (largely Democrats) that facilitate the further deprivation of rights of the American people, including (but not limited to) shutting down church services that were unsanctioned.  

So why did our Christian Forefathers stand and say “We Have No King But King Jesus!” It wasn’t because of the tax on tea. It was because they knew, that if their rights could be stomped on, they would be. 

No one can be above the law. If they are, there is no end to the corruption that can, and historically always has followed that immunity.