Thursday, July 25, 2024

It’s Time For Defensive Voting With A Longer View

If you’re in a red state, you need to approach elections on the basis of, “which of these candidates is best suited to position my state in advance of a national divorce?”

I’m not saying that’s the only thing you should consider. I am saying that if you really look at the numbers, there was in fact a red wave last week. A big one. Republicans got five million more votes than Democrats. But that wave swept most notably through the red states.

We are closer – far closer, in fact, to a split between the red and the blue than at any time since 1865, when there was actual fighting between the states.

And while I don’t favor the national divorce, because all of the things that would have to be done to make a Red America viable would be more easily done in a revived and intact America, it has to be considered as something that could well happen.

So you have to vote defensively along those lines going forward. You have to think of your state’s dependence on the federal government, its citizens’ dependence on the welfare state, its ability to manage its own infrastructure, its ability to raise troops, its citizens’ physical and mental fitness to withstand war and deprivation, the right to bear arms and defend oneself, the right to private property, the commitment to education rather than indoctrination and lots of other things.

Because in the Blue, the Democrats have perfected the art of maximizing the vote they can turn out in wholesale fashion. They will turn every single government list into a little voter file and pay people to harvest it. And in those states there are not enough Republican voters available to overcome that. Not when Republicans think of GOTV as a retail strategy and consider the laudable but quaint notion of affecting the individual consciences of informed voters the highest ambition of electoral success. That’s akin to handcrafting products while the other side is mass-producing them with Chinese slave labor.

GOP turnout outdid Democrat turnout by something like a 43-29 margin last week, but a huge portion of that advantage was in Florida and Texas and lots more was in places like New York where it’s largely impossible to win statewide (though Lee Zeldin’s excellent, if ultimately doomed, campaign did flip four Long Island congressional seats red). That’s likely to continue unless the Republican Party learns how to harvest and bank early votes, and also how to match ActBlue in generating small-dollar donations. More than 20 million Democrats contributed to candidates through that platform.

And the GOP is going to have to learn how to clear voter rolls by any means necessary. It shouldn’t have been just a small team in Wisconsin, funded by My Pillow impresario Mike Lindell, forcing registrars to scrub the dead and moved-away from the voter file – that should have been happening through a mass-funded program by the RNC in every state. How does the party not insure the voter rolls are scrubbed nationwide after the 2020 electoral debacle?

Until the GOP becomes serious about these crucial issues of process, it will be a regional party, as will the Democrats. And the electoral map will, at least until the population increase the Great Sorting is bringing about in red states fully translate into the next census (assuming it’s possible to keep the Democrats from counting illegals in the census, which so far is not in evidence), favor the Democrats.

And these Democrats believe in tyranny. Practically the only civil liberty they have a commitment to involves killing babies inside the womb. And they hate conservatives with a burning-hot fire.

It isn’t sustainable.

I think their model will crash amid the suffering of the next two years. I think the American people haven’t suffered enough but the next two years will fix that. But if I’m right about the suffering and wrong about its electoral effect, the national divorce beckons. Red states, and maybe even red areas of blue states, are not going to abide a ramping-up of Critical Race Theory, trans kids, climate nuttery, runaway inflation, supply chain breakdowns and the weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies. It won’t sustain, and the Left knows it – which is why its rhetoric about domestic terrorism and white supremacism and the rest has far preceded any such threats becoming realistic or palpable.

So you should keep it in mind when you vote. And I’m not just talking about in 2024. You should keep it in mind all the way to the bottom of the ballot – school boards, county commissions, mayors, everything.